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Aimah is an agent of Lord Marchutan. She is known for her versatility and diplomacy. However, her strength should not be underestimated, for she is a fierce fighter.

Location Edit

  • Sarpan (legendary version)
  • Drakenspire Depths (Campaign quest)


She was taking part in the assault against Tiamaranta. After asmodians were saved by the Reian Tribe, Kahrun demanded to cease all hostilities between elyos and asmodians. Otherwise he would exile both party.

Mastarius was heavily wounded, half of the army lost or in chaos. Aimah was forced to accept the ultimatum and with it, the help of these strange people. She took command and resided on an asmodian airship above Kamar. Marchutan ordered her to search for Siel's Relics and investigate the real motives of Israphel.

In Enshar she was tasked to aid the player in the upcoming fight against Beritra. She and Marchutan's elite forces ventured to Drakenspire Depths, to stop the crazed Dragon Lord from acquiring more power. However Aimah was careless and got fatally wounded by Orissan. Beritra almost succeeds to charge the relic and free the Queen of Ice. Before she succumbs to her injuries, she uses her last bit of divine power to aid the player, forcing Beritra to flee.

After completing the mission and hearing how she died, shocks Marchutan and he is saddened. As the Lord of Fate he was well aware of this possibility. He states that it was Aimah's fate, no one could prevent it, including himself.

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Dialogue Edit

"What do you think is the best defense, [Player Name]? Our standard answer is "The kin to my left, and the kin to my right," correct?
The truth is this: the best defense is a collected mind. You cannot forever rely on others for your life, because you will not always fight alongside others."
1 "You have a point."
X "I have to go."
"I'm glad you agree.
That's not to say that our mantra does not hold value. It clearly does. We all know that our spirit and collective work has dragged our people through the darkest and coldest of nights. But we must adapt, and realize that there is no universal gain in relying on others.
Work well alone, and you will work well with others. Blood for blood."
X "Blood for blood."
With quests
"You've returned. Good."

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