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Ahbana the Wicked

Ahbana the Wicked is one of the bosses which can be confronted inside Beshmundir Temple. Although he is optional, he is highly seeked as most groups due to his drops.

History Edit

Long time ago, Aurbotha, a Reian soldier, was sent to the Beshmundir Temple to investigate it. However, as he did not wish to go alone, his friend Ahbana agreed to aid him.

Unfortunately, once inside, Aurbotha feared the creatures inhabiting the temple, running away leaving his friend behind. Ahbana was then captured and cursed to be a spectre, capturing souls of those who venture inside. As time passed, Aurbotha lived with this guilt inside him. Wanting to free and avenge his friend, he sent capable Daevas to slay him, finally releasing him from his curse.

Strategy Edit

To make Ahbana spawn in the Watcher's Nexus, players will have to destroy a <> located inside each chamber near the Acheron Mire. Once done, players may head to his spawn point.

During the fight healers should watch out for Weeping Curtain <Weeping Curtain>, a skill which nullifies effect of healing skills on all enemies inside the room. This effect lasts for 15 seconds. Players will have this debuff for most of the fight. There are small time windows between each time this is casted, therefore healers may use it to recover everyone's HP.

Additionally, he will summon passive <Soulform>s, which, once destroyed, will buff group members around them. They are most ignored nowadays however.

Skills Edit

Drops Edit

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