Aetherforging is a new crafting discipline introduced in 5.1, exclusive to Archdaevas. It is a combination of morphing and regular crafting and, in return for the slow speed at which one can gain proficiency with this discipline, yields the following benefits:

  • Aetherforging does not require the player to be near a crafting table; it can be done anywhere, anytime.
  • Aetherforging has no chance of failing.
  • Aetherforging requires no DP.

Some Aetherforging materials can be farmed from mobs around Iluma and Norsvold while others can be purchased from Aetherforging merchants.

In Aion 6.0 the Aetherforging system was overhauled and replaces the entirety of the previous crafting system. Proficiency gained in Aetherforging prior to 6.0 will be carried over to the new Magical Crafting, although the vast majority of the recipes in the crafting table will be changed and replaced.