Aetherforging is a crafting discipline introduced in 5.1, exclusive to players of level 76 and above. It is a combination of morphing and regular crafting and, in return for the slow speed at which one can gain proficiency with this discipline, yields the following benefits:

  • Aetherforging does not require the player to be near a crafting table; it can be done anywhere, anytime.
  • Aetherforging has no chance of failing.
  • Aetherforging requires no DP.

Recipes Edit

Most recipes are based around level 80 PvE and PvP gear.

Trivia Edit

  • Aetherforging was originally restricted to Archdaevas. Most materials could be farmed from mobs around Iluma and Norsvold while others could be purchased from Aetherforging merchants.
  • The list of items crafted form it varied greatly, from gear to consumables, pets and mounts. After 6.0, the list was reduced to gear only. More recipes were gradually added to include more variety.
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