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Aether is the fundamental energy that flows through Atreia, which Daevas draw upon to use their powers and maintain immortality. It is also the source of the Aetheric Field and magic following the collapse of The Tower of Eternity.

It stems from the god Aion, and is the power source of the Empyrean Lords.

Aether in Crafting[]

The Extract Aether skill will allow you to collect Aether. It is a substance that must be obtained while flying.

Various forms of Aether are used in crafting professions. Aether comes in the following 13 forms:

  1. <Aether Powder>
  2. <Aether Crystal>
  3. <Greater Aether Crystal>
  4. <Aether Gem>
  5. <Greater Aether Gem>
  6. <Pure Aether Gem>
  7. <Aether>
  8. <Greater Aether>
  9. <Pure Aether>
  10. <Brilliant Aether>
  11. <Magical Aether>
  12. Magical Greater Aether
  13. Magical Pure Aether
  14. Magical Brilliant Aether

History of Aether[]

The God Aion created the Tower of Eternity to span the inner core of Atreia and imbued it with Aether, his own life essence.

In retaliation for the disobedience of his Balaur subjects, Aion created the Empyrean Lords by imbuing twelve of the most devoted humans with Aether. These twelve possessed beauty and strength far beyond anything seen before, and thanks to their Aether-induced powers, they could take flight like the Balaur. This gift finally gave humans the means to fight back against their oppressors, and began the Millennium War.

Aion also created an Aetheric Field near the Tower of Eternity in which the forces of the Lords found sanctuary against the Balaur. Because the Balaur drew their power from outside our world, Aion's Aetheric energy was anathema to them.

However, due to the great Cataclysm which brought the end to the Millennium War, the Tower was broken. As an echo of the lost Tower of Eternity, the two stumps of the Tower cry out to each other across the void, hemorrhaging Aether. The shattered remains began to shift, and slowly the fragments levitated themselves into the air, producing portals near the remains leading to a bizarre realm where Aether flowed like water and huge chunks of the Tower floated like islands in an Aetheric ocean. This volatile environment is called the Abyss, created by the powerful reverberation of the Tower's shattered pieces.

The Abyss absorbs Aether, drains it away like water pouring into a crevasse. Aether is spread thinner and thinner each minute of each day. Soon this Aetheric leeching will affect the Daevas. Atreia is now held together only by the Aetheric ties Siel and Israphel created when they drained their own ethereal bodies of Aether, a process that ended their own lives. Soon the Abyss will weaken these ties, and if they break, the atmosphere will collapse, and everyone on the planet would perish.

Controlling Aether and Ascending to Daevahood[]

Some individuals find that Aether responds to them, and develop their innate ability to manipulate it. They become capable of channeling the Aether in similar ways to the Empyrean Lords, and became known as Daeva. A Daevas' Aetheric abilities can be honed to unlock great power within themselves. Becoming almost demigods with their immortality and ability to fly, they are instrumental to the fight against the Balaur.

Daevas will only have the power of true Flight in areas that contain large amounts of Aether.

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