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Adma's Fall Map

Adma's Fall (Adma), also known as Adma Ruins, was a 3-player group instance for players of level 66 and above. It was introduced in the 5.0 update as a basic instance to run for XP and gear to disenchant. It is an extra-dimensional ruin of an ancient stronghold, an alternative version of Adma Stronghold that is inhabited by a malicious presence.

This instance was only accessible on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from the Illuminated Pergolas Sentry Post in Iluma and the Tranquil Fens Scout Post in Norsvold. It was originally a 6-player group instance, but was adjusted into a 3-player version with drastically decreased difficulty with the 5.8 update. In the 6.0 update this instance was removed from the game.

Backstory Edit

During the Cataclysm, the Tower of Eternity shattered. Certain shards of it were completely unaffected by the pass of time due to the concentration of Aether. However, as the Aetheric Field weakened, these fragments began falling to the base of the Tower and activated themselves, opening corridors to places unknown to every faction.

One of those locations was a ruined castle, long ago corrupted by a plague which took the life of many, while then returning as mindless undead. Between them, a spirit found an artifact and rose above the others. Strengthened by it, its addiction to the power offered by that Tower fragment grew, becoming the <Reaper of Adma Castle>. With the corridor opened, scouts were sent to investigate with great danger found inside. Both factions made it their objective to investigate the depths of that castle and eradicate any threats.

Walkthrough Edit

The group will begin in the Storage Cellar, infested with <Undead Serfs> and <Vampire Whiptails>. Most monsters here can be avoided by sticking to the center. In order to continue, players must defeat <Steward Zeetrum>, an easily approachable named mob. With it defeated, the door leading to the Lower Ruins of Adma will unlock.

After clearing the way through <Risen Guards>, players will meet the second named mob; <Lady Karemiwen Adma>, accompanied by two more <Risen Guards>. It is best to focus all damage on <Lady Karemiwen Adma> first, then tackle the <Risen Guards> beside her.

Once <Lady Karemiwen Adma> is slain, the door leading to the last section will open, revealing a narrow corridor holding more <Risen Guards> and <Vampire Whiptails>. When killed, she may sometimes drop a Key 001 <Cursed Key>, which may be used later on in the instance. The passage leads to the Upper Ruins of Adma, the final boss room. It can be accessed by interacting with the door. At the top of the ruins the group will meet the <Reaper of Adma Castle>. To summon him, the players will each have to interact with one crystal at the same time.

The boss will enrage if not killed within 5 minutes. Throughout the fight, it is important to remain at a close distance from each other. Normal attacks include Macro type 1 <Dark Arrow> and Spiralarrow (NPC) <Dark Strike> (both single target attacks). Special abilities include Dark Order: Confusion (all-room-wide AoE which will force players to scatter around the room), Shadow Order: Curse (putting a debuff on a target which will gradually drain MP from it) and Macro type 1 <Dark Command> (a strong attack that distributes damage among targets).

Provided the group defeats the <Reaper of Adma Castle>, they may loot its corpse for a random piece of the Adma mythic PvE set. Each member will get a chest with eternal gear, as well as a Dimension Stone Bundle and Supplements.

Additionally, the <Adma Family Coffers> will spawn, which can be opened by using the Key 001 <Cursed Key> dropped from <Lady Karemiwen Adma>. The chest will reward either a Karemiwen&#039;s Gown <Karemiwen's Gown> or Karemiwen&#039;s Hairpin <Karemiwen's Hairpin>, both appearances items. Once done, players may exit from the rift that spawns at the back of the room.

Quests Edit

Bobonerk's Agency

These are high XP rewarding quests (90m XP) which are given out by Bobonerk, only requiring to kill the last boss. By completing the quest associated with this instance, the one related to Theobomos Test Chamber will be unlocked.

Rewards Edit

Reaper of Adma Castle
Lady Karemiwen Adma
Adma Family Coffers

Bandits of Greed Edit

Bandits of Greed will sometimes appear in this instance. They spawn in the Storage Cellar, the starting room, in front of <Steward Zeetrum>. They disappear after some minutes if they are not attacked. Once attacked, it will attempt to run off and despawn. If killed, they will drop a bundle for each group memmber, which will be automatically opened when picked up.

Trivia Edit

  • The ambient is identical to the one from Adma Stronghold.
  • The instance deals identical mobs and set up to the special version of the Adma Stronghold instance only available in the "Master Server" available only on certain regions.
  • As part of the Landing Reinforcement System, this instance is accessible without restrictions from the faction's landing in the Upper Layer.

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