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Adjutant Anuhart

Adjutant Anuhart is the high deputy of he Tahabata Legion, guarding the way in the Savage Gauntlet in Tiamat Stronghold. He acts as the first boss of the North Wing.

History Edit

Many fear the name of Anuhart - not for his past tales, but rather his future doings.

Sometime between the present and the events in Dark Poeta, his superior, <Brigade General Tahabata>, was ascended to a greater rank, following Tiamat's own orders. As a result, Anuhart climbed one step above in the ladder and reached the rank of Brigade General of his own legion.

One of their assignments; infiltrate the Aetheric Field through the Abyss Gates and conquer anything in the path. Tragedy stroke Poeta, a small, isolated island in Elysea. Guided by Anuhart, this island fell under the Balaur's power, intoxicating the land with their presence and exterminating whoever opposed.

These events have not yet accomplished in the present timeline, acting as a warning for failure. To prevent this chaotic future, the Drakan must be annihilated.

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Across the fight, he will cast Wave of Pain <Wave of Pain>, a frontal AoE, making it suggestible for groups to turn him away from them. Additionally, he will stab the floor with his sword and deal damage on all enemies (this skill distributes its damage between group members).

Nonetheless, his most notable ability is Storm Strike I <Storm Blade>. He will begin spinning his blade around him, causing severe damage to all enemies within 10m, easily countered by moving away from him. While spinning his blade, he will gain the Storm Strike I <Defense Mark Burst> buff, which will block and reflect any attack inflicted on him. Players can anticipate this skill and prepare to move out by listening to him say "I will crash you all!", signalling his imminent attack. Due to how easily he can reset if moved too much, the tank should dash back to him slightly before he finishes his attack.

While his skill set will be the same throughout the encounter, he will gain the Swift Attack <Swift Attack> buff at 70%, 40% and 10% of HP. Provided they are not removed, the party will have to deal with attacks thrice stronger and faster, making a dispelling class almost mandatory. Once slain, the door behind him, leading to the Tahabata Legion HQ, will open.

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