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Actaeon is an archaeologist at the entrance of the Kyola Temple in Eltnen. He is very secretive and mysterious, wandering around to investigate relics.

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"To be an archaeologist! My heart leaps when I find relics weathered by the wind or buried under desert sands.
It's like I'm shaking hands with our ancient ancestors. That's why I started doing this in the first place.
Yet the attitudes of our ancestors are so different. It's almost like they were dealing with a different set of truths--truths they thought were immutable."
1 "How can truths change over time?"
X "Farewell."
"Cultures and environments change over time. Why should the truth be any different?
Here's a truth: Thousands of years ago there were twelve Empyrean Lords watching over us, not just five. And if the quantity of our leadership changes...
I'd better stop there, or they'll accuse me of blasphemy. Give that truth some thought."
With quests
"Sorry about the mess. I've been excavating relics.
What brings you here, [Player Name]'?

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