After centuries have passed, the two factions, Elysean and Asmodian, began to discover entry points into the realm of the Abyss from their homelands. Many of the expeditions sent to explore these gates never returned. Finally, gates to permanent portions of the Abyss were found.

These are now known as an Abyssal Gate. This part of the Abyss was soon to be called Reshanta. In the lower portion of the Reshanta both the Elysean and Asmodians have set up large fortresses in which to stage their conquering of the Abyss. To the north east the Asmodians have settled Primum Landing, within an ancient fortress revived to house their Archons. In the south west, the Elysean forces have built a shining fortress among the ruins Teminon Landing to house their Legionaires. Within the Abyss the Asmodians and Elyos have not only each other to face but the denizens of Reshanta as well. This includes the Balaur who have found there way back to the realm of Atreia. Using their Dredgion Battleships, the Balaur are able to reach the whole of the Abyss.

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