Abnormal Conditions can occur when you enter a certain area or when specific attacks are cast. A condition icon will appear on the top of the screen indicating the condition. Most conditions can be removed with healing potions, healing roots, or with physical or mental removal spells such as Dispel or Cure Mind. With Sleep or Immobilize, being attacked will remove the condition.

List of Abnormal Conditions Edit

Attack Speed ReductionYour attack speed decreases because you are mentally and physically exhausted.
BleedingYour HP decreases gradually because you are severely injured.
BlindnessYour attack accuracy lowers because you cannot see.
ConfusionYou attack both your enemies and allies indiscriminately.
CurseYour HP and MP decrease and will not be restored while you are cursed.
DiseaseYour HP decreases and will not be restored while you are sick.
FearYour body moves against your will out of sudden fear.
ImmobilizeYou cannot move at all because your feet are bound.
Movement Speed ReductionYou walk slowly due to injury.
No FlyYou cannot fly because your wings are paralyzed.
ParalyzeYou cannot move because your body is frozen.
PoisoningYour HP decreases gradually because you are poisoned.
RestraintYou cannot use physical skills because your body is bound.
SilenceYou cannot cast a spell because you cannot talk.
SleepYou cannot do anything because you are in a deep sleep.
StunYou cannot move due to a strong shock.
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