Sjazi told you of an abandoned mine called near the Baltasar Hill Village. Collect a sample from around the Brusthonin Mithril Mine and bring it to Sjazi.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Rough Mithril Ore (0/11)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, head over to the Brusthonin Mithril Mine. The abandoned mithril is easily found there, and you can collect eleven pieces very quickly.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Azphelumbra, Daeva.
Instead of putting something in the warehouse, how'd you like to make some Kinah to put in your pocket?"
1 "Tell me more."
"Everyone knows that Brusthonin used to be a fertile farmland, but there's another side to this area.
Before coming here, I read every book about Brusthonin I could get my hands on. I figure there's got to be plenty of ways to turn a profit out here, right?
Well, I learned about the Brusthonin Mithril Mine. It's abandoned, as far as I can tell, hardly anybody else knows about it, so there could still be a lot of Mithril in there."
1 "I'm no miner."
"Oh, you don't have to mine it. If I'm right, nobody's been in there since the Cataclysm. There should be plenty of ore already mined, just lying about.
So what I'd like you to do is go to the Brusthonin Mithril Mine and pick up something from the Abandoned Heap of Ore for me.
I'll assay the quality, and pay you accordingly. The undead around the mine keep everyone else out, but I figure you should be able to walk right in and get the sample!"

Accept Edit

"Great! I had a feeling we'd get along.
Some people think we should leave everything in Brusthonin just as it was after the Cataclysm, out of respect for the dead. But these people have been dead a long time, you know?
It's best for everyone if we make the best use of the available resources.
And profitable, too."
X "On my way."

Decline Edit

Well, each person has a path to follow.
I'm sure someone will be willing to do it. Azphelumbra, Daeva."
X "Azphelumbra."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"While working as a warehouse keeper, I've met a lot of strange people.
Some people have left huge piles of valuables and never come back to collect them. Maybe they were killed...who knows?
Did you make it to the mine? I'm eager to get a look at what you picked up from the Abandoned Heap of Ore."'
1 "Here's what I've got."
"Excellent. Let me have a look at that....
Oh no...this ore is riddled with impurities! It's almost worthless! Maybe someone else already discovered the mine, took the best mithril and left the dregs.
Well, you did as I asked, so I'll still pay you for your trouble."
Without the Mithril
"You haven't been there yet, have you?
You'd better hurry up.
If someone else finds out, they could clean the place out before you get there.
X "On my way."

Summary Edit

Sjazi said that the Brusthonin Mithril Mine might still contain some profitable mithril ore, and asked you to collect it.

When you brought him the sample, he said the mineral had too many impurities.

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