Minalinerk, a Shugo merchant, made you a secret offer. Go to Ager's Farm, on the west side of Cliona Lake, collect wine from the abandoned Wine Casks and bring it to him.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Wine> (0/3)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to Minalinerk to receive the quest. Collect 3 bottles of wine from kegs at Ager's Farm. Return to Minalinerk with the wine to receive the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

Come here!
I have something important to tell you!"
1 "What is it?"
"You are a mercenary, yes? Clever Minalinerk has a job for you!
There are Kerubs all over, yes? At Ager's Farm, the farmhands fled and left their things behind. Whoever collects them can keep them, no questions asked!
The goods are worth a small fortune! But Minalinerk cannot leave this shop unattended. So maybe if a strong [Player Class] brought the goods to him, yes? Half the value for each of us!"


"Akakakak! Knew it! A true mercenary!
There are barrels scattered across the farm, with bottles of wine inside. The wine is so good that Sanctum requires it as part of the Tribute to Elysea! There's plenty of profit to be had.
Go, quickly, before others discover what we know!"
X "I'll get the wine for you."


"You say no. Well then.
It's your loss, silly [Player Class]. The other mercenaries are happy enough to make extra Kinah!"
X "Perhaps, but not like this."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You brought the stuff, yes? Quickly--show Minalinerk!"
1 "Here, all I could find."
Perfect! There's no need for the farmers to know...Clever Minalinerk will say Kerubs stole them! Akakakak! Clever Minalinerk!
This is for you, [Player Name]! Half of the value, as promised! This will be our secret."


A Shugo merchant gave you a secret job on the side.

You collected wine from the abandoned barrels in Ager's Farm. Minalinerk gave you half the value of the goods as a reward.

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