As Zephyros requested, get rid of Haramel's inhabitants.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Get rid of the enemies of Haramel.
Haramel's Inhabitants (0/65)

Basic Reward Edit

Optional Reward Edit

Choose one of the following items

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, enter Haramel and kill 65 mobs inside. Return to Zephros to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"An illegal Odium lab right here in my district...I'm still surprised, [Player Name]. I must be getting old.
Who would have imagined that Asmodians and Sapiens were running this kind of business right under our noses!
Dukaki, I can handle. But Asmodians? Not on my watch! I need this situation wrapped up without certain tongues getting a taste of it."
1 "But I'm in it kinda deep now."
"Then it looks like you'll have to remedy this little problem of ours, [Player Name].
You had to cut some shady deals to get your answers, so you'll need to head to Haramel and wipe out Haramel's Inhabitants.
And this case can't be closed until Hamerun is pushing up Aria Flowers from the ground! Your hands are dirty now, Daeva. Wash them clean in the blood of Hamerun."

Accept Edit

"If Empyrean Lord Kaisinel catches wind of what you've done, we'll both be cooked.
So do this, and do this right, [Player Name]!
And don't leave any clues in case I have to send a clean-up crew out to take care of matters."
X "I'll be a ghost out there."

Decline Edit

" can't decline, [Player Name]!
You're in far too deep as it is. They'll hang your gallows high for this one!
I urge you to reconsider."
X "I'll make my peace when the time comes."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"We've tightened security around the Aetheric Field Observatory, and I've cleaned up any loose ends that you may have forgotten about.
Did you take care of the...other matter, [Player Name]?"
1 "The flowers are in the soil now."
"Excellent news, Daeva. Excellent news.
But Hamerun's disappearance bothers me. You didn't cut a deal with him, too, did you?
He's a dangerous Asmodian. Not the type of individual you want to be in bed with."

Summary Edit

Zephyros was angry that Haramel existed in his district, so he asked you to get rid of its inhabitants.

You eliminated the underlings in Haramel, and made sure the facility couldn't be up and running again anytime soon.

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