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Go and find the <ribbonArlion's Ribbon> that Arlion has lost.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]


Talk with Arlion to obtain quest. Travel to Vanahal District and speak with Frana to update quest. Return to Arlion and speak with him to update and receive reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Ah, what am I going to do?
If she finds out I've lost it, she'll never speak to me again."
1.png "What's wrong?"
"I've lost the mark my lover gave me.
When people fight duels, their lovers tie a ribbon on their weapons for luck.
My lover gave me a mark embroidered with her family's crest. But I lost it!"
1.png "I'm sure she'd forgive you."
"I'm not. I must get it back before she finds out!
Would you help me, [Player Name]? Two can cover more ground than one."


"She comes from a good family--generations of Daevas. My pedigree isn't good enough for them.
If she finds out I've lost the mark, well...I don't know what she'll do!
It's a pink ribbon embroidered with a shield. I think I lost it near Triniel Coliseum. Please find it for me."
X.png "I'll do my best!"


"If you'd ever had a lover, [Player Name], you'd know how I feel.
I'll lose her, and all because of a ribbon!
Please help me!"
X.png "My time is too valuable."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"What are you doing here again?
Stop coming to see me. People will talk!"
1.png "Was the ribbon a gift to Arlion?"
"How did you know? No, it doesn't matter now.
Have you told anyone?
Why did you come back?"
1.png "Arlion asked me to find the ribbon."
"Of course. He realized what losing it could mean. The loss of a family crest--well, it's bad.
This place is driven by class and influence. My family has produced Daevas for generations, and we've held important posts in Pandaemonium.
Arlion's family has only a few Daevas and Arlion himself is only a Daeva of Flight."
1.png "It's still an accomplishment."
"Not enough for the Meert clan. We've kept our relationship a secret because if my family knew, well....
We can never be married, but I'll take whatever happiness I can get.
Here, give it back to him, but don't tell him I gave it to you. He'd feel so terrible if he knew I'd found out."
X.png "Your secret's safe with me."

Reward Dialogue[]

"[Player Name], I looked around the Triniel Coliseum in every nook and cranny, but I couldn't find the ribbon.
Did you find it?
Please, please tell me you did!"
1.png "Here it is."
"You found it! What a relief!
I don't know how to thank you.
This isn't much, but it's a token of my gratitude. You've saved me!"


Arlion told you that he had lost a ribbon--a gift from his lover--and asked you to find it.

You thought the ribbon was the same one you received from <Agamo> and took back to Frana, so you went to Frana. She said you were right, that she had given the ribbon to Arlion.

Frana gave the ribbon back to you, and you took it to Arlion.

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