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Objectives Edit

  • Hunt Old Fang, which has occupied the Ginseng field (0/1).

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Old Fang is located in the northeast part of Iollu Hills. Kill Old Fang and return to BuBu Taan.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

BuBu Taan
"BuBu Raan best Ginseng-smeller. BuBu Jin say he good but BuBu Taan more good.
Nose belong BuBu Taan most good nose in village"
1 "Smelled any good Ginseng lately?"
"Most good Ginseng in field north-by-east. But also bad thing in field.
Very-very big Crynac in field, go to pick Ginseng be no good. BuBu Taan near be bit!"
1 "Um...Ouch?"
"Crynac eats maybe all Ginseng grow very-very big. But Daevas strong, Daevas protect.
Daevas go kill Crynac, yes?"

Accept Edit

BuBu Taan
"Crynac named Old Fang. Daevas make be dead, BuBus get Ginseng then.
Daeva-Mau help BuBu-Skurvs."
X "For the good of us both."

Decline Edit

BuBu Taan
"Daeva afraid also from Crynac? No go to make dead?
Best Ginseng belong Crynac then."
X "Let him have his Ginseng."

Reward Dialogue Edit

BuBu Taan
"Crynac be dead then?"
1 "Crynac be very, very dead."
"All BuBus give thanks to Daevas for to kill Crynac! Joy in village."

Summary Edit

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