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The Titanium Sword you were given belongs in Reshanta. You should take it to Fyra, a Primum Landing quartermaster.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Take the Titanium Sword to Fyra, a supply solider in Reshanta.

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Double click on the Titanium Sword that you get from doing work orders from Weaponsmithing to receive the quest. You can have more than one sword making it repeatable, but only one quest can be active at a time. Go to Reshanta and talk with Fyra to update and receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

(The surface of the Titanium Sword is cool, its blade intricately inlaid.)
(A small tag hangs from the hilt. "Supply to: Reshanta Primum Landing.")
(You should take the sword to Fyra, a supply solider at Reshanta's Primum Landing. Someone must need this.)
1 "Reshanta, then."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"After equipment? Don't bother. Whatever weapons and armor I get go right back out.
Supply chain's coming unglued! I get manifests with crates missing, empty crates, wrong shipments.
I spend every day chasing bad paper when I'm s'posed to be filling orders. How hard is it to COUNT items in a crate before sealing it?!"
1 "Well, good news, then!"
"I don't believe it! Thank shadows you found this. It 'shipped' weeks ago. And what did I get? An empty box! Perfect! Yeah, we'll just hide under it and sneak by the Balaur!
Hope it's not too late. Balaur don't wait for us to gear up. They're notoriously poor on chivalry.
'You're a good'un, Daeva. Feels like folks back in the world forget about us. Thanks."

Summary Edit

There was a supply tag on the Titanium Sword you received as a reward. It was meant for Reshanta.

Supplies are tight in the Abyss. After thinking it over, you took the sword to Fyra, a Primum Landing supply solider, a happy surprise since the item's empty box came earlier.

Notes Edit

  • The quest is level 15, but you have to be 25 to turn in the quest since the end NPC is in the Abyss.
  • You can have multiple titanium swords in your inventory at once, but only one quest can be active at a time. Abandoning the quest results in the destruction of only the titanium sword that started the quest.
  • If you abandon this quest, you can only obtain the quest again by activating another sword.
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