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Go to Pandaemonium with Uikinerk, who delivered the message that you are urgently needed there.

Quest Information[]


  • Talk withUikinerk.
  • Talk withHaorunerk.
  • Escape from the Steel Rake using the teleport scroll hidden in Haorunerk's Bag.
  • Deliver news of Haorunerk to <Garkbinerk> in Reshanta.
  • Deliver news of Haorunerk to Envoy Leader <Payrinrinerk>.

Basic Reward[]

  • Xp.gif 906,000 XP


After talking to Uikinerk and accepting the quest, a cutscene ensues. You are now on the Steel Rake. Talk to Haorunerk, then look for the backpack against the wall. Use it to get the teleport scroll. ONLY use the scroll to leave the ship to update the quest. Go to Reshanta to Black Cloud Island and talk to Garbinerk. Return to Pandaemonium and talk to Payrinrinerk at the Airship Dock to collect the reward.

After completing this quest, the following quests are unlocked:


Initial Dialogue[]

"Is Daeva's name [Player Name]?
Whew! Big, big relief.
Uikinerk was just about to leave for Brusthonin to find Daeva. Might have missed each other on the way, nyerk."
1.png "Why are you looking for me?"
"Not Uikinerk who's looking, but Balder. In Pandaemonium. High Priest. Remember him?
Says big, big problem in Abyss, and needs Daeva's help.
Uikinerk wasted too much time looking, nyerk! Must hurry, yes?"


"One moment, please.
Give Uikinerk time to find teleport potion, yes?
Wonder where that is? Daeva ready yet?"
X.png "More ready than you, apparently."


"Perhaps Daeva not listening while Uikinerk was speaking....
Uikinerk said "Big problem" and "Pandaemonium" and "Balder."
Take Ormea out of ear now, Daeva! Let's go!"
X.png "I'll go later."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"Here is Teleport Potion. In pocket whole time, nyerk.
Drink up, and go to Pandaemonium!"
1.png "Bottoms up!"
"He fooled you too, didn't he?
Was it Uikinerk? <Roikinerk>?
Well, it hardly matters--you're a prisoner now."
1.png "Where in Azphel's name am I?"
"Welcome aboard pirate ship Steel Rake, friend Daeva. Haorunerk dreamed of travel in retirement, but this not part of dream.
Can Daeva reach Haorunerk's bag? Teleport Scroll inside. Use and get off ship before guard comes back, nyerk.
Tell Garkbinerk in Reshanta that Haorunerk is aboard the Steel Rake. And dying...hurry...nyerk.... "
1.png "I'll send help."
"Something Daeva needs?
Garkbinerk can not help but admire Daeva's garb. Though of course I could probably find better for Daeva...
World is net of deals and trades. Wonderful world, yes?"
1.png "I have a message from Haorunerk...."
"Haorunerk captured? Terrible news, nyerk!
This is Black Cloud Trader business, Daeva.
Payrinrinerk in Pandaemonium should know this news fast, nyerk."
1.png "I'll find him."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Famous Daeva called [Player Name], yes? Payrinrinerk recognizes you.
Payrinrinerk is Black Cloud emissary to Asmodae, so feel free to ask anything.
Many things can be arranged. Akakak!"
1.png "I've news of Haorunerk...."
"Dying aboard the Steel Rake? Haorunerk was on Black Cloud ship for last voyage before retirement, nyerk.
Steel Rake Pirates must have taken Black Cloud ship, nyerk!
Don't worry, Daeva--Haorunerk's friends will do their best to rescue him."


Uikinerk said that the high priest in Pandaemonium was looking for you.

You drank the teleport potion which Uikinerk handed to you, then passed out.

You were in a jail somewhere when you woke up, and a Shugo named Haorunerk told you that you were aboard the Steel Rake. He gave you a lot of information about the Steel Rake pirates.

Haorunerk told you to escape using the teleport scroll he hid in a bag, and asked you to deliver his message to Garkbinerk.

When you spoke to Garkbinerk in Black Cloud Island, he asked you to tell Envoy Leader Payrinrinerk in Pandaemonium.

You delivered the message to Payrinrinerk, who expressed gratitude.

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