Meet Kushar at the Temple of Knowledge to get information about Pretors.

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You must speak to Kushar, Talon and Micorunerk to gather information about the Pretors from Elysea. Take the information to Mirka in Alsig Village.

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"Hmm, the Lepharists had a strange creatures[sic] in their lab?
Did it have sickly green-yellow colored skin, heads too large for their bodies with horn in the back?
Possibly with a yellow egg sticking out from their underbellies?"
1 "Yes, that sounds right"
"Hmm... I see...I think these are the creatures that Kushar talked about.
He's an expert on the Lepharist Revolutionaries.
His last report said that Lepharist Revolutionaries in Elysea have strange creatures called Pretors with them."
1 "Pretors, eh?"
"That means the creatures that the Lepharist Revolutionaries have in Elysea are now in Asmodae as well. I think we'd best look further into this.
You are the one who saw the Pretor firsthand, so I want you to handle it.
Are you up to the task?"

Accept Edit

"First, meet Kushar in Temple of Knowledge. Kushar may be an expert in the Lepharists, but he's never seen a Pretor. His study is based on documents and second-hand accounts.
Meet anyone he introduces you to, gather information and meet Mirka again to formulate a plan.
Mirka will come up with the perfect solution to handle this matter."
X "The task is mine."

Decline Edit

"Oh, you don't want to get involved? I'm surprised by these timid young Daevas.
All right then, I can see I can't talk you into this task.
I will find some other person to help me. On your way."
X "Farewell"

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Why are you here? No. Let me guess. It's something about the Lepharists?
You wouldn't be here for any other reason.
All right, out with it."
1 "What do you know about Pretors?"
"I suspected that they come from Elysea, bred by the Lepharist Revolutionaries from other creatures.
They certainly don't originate here in Asmodae-nothing I know of looks anything like a Pretor.
Talon in Temple of Artisans has fought Pretors many times. Go talk to him."
1 "On my way."
"What business do you have in the Temple of Artisans?
My duty is to protect the area, but I also help visitors to the temple."
1 "I hear that you've fought Pretors."
"Ah, those blasted monsters! I've tangled with them a few times, though I may not be the best source of information.
I can't begin to guess where they come from. Maybe Shugos know more about them? They often travel in strange circles.
You can get more information if you coax or threaten Micorunerk."
1 "Thank you"
"Tell me what you need.
Miconyerk[sic] can get anything that exists in Atreia!
Of course, the price goes up for rare items, akakakak."
1 "What do you know about Pretors?"
"And what's in it for Miconyerk[sic]? Daeva must promise to do something.
You are alone, yes? then only you and the Shugos you will know Pretors are from Elysea.
Lepharist Humans make them, take them around the Lepharist Citadel in Eltnen. You go, look yourself do."
1 "My thanks."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Have you met with Captain Kvasir?
What did he say?
Did he have any orders?"
1 "The Pretor are created beings."
"So Pretors came to Asmodae from Elysea? And Captain Kvasir has assigned the case to me?
Well. I will plan the next step.
Thank you very much for your hard work, [Player Name]."

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Kvasir asked if you saw Pretors at the Lepharist Revolutionaries research center, and said he had heard there were Pretors in Elysea. He told you to meet Kushar for more information, deliver the information to Centurion Mirka, and to set up a plan.

You met Kushar, Talon and Miconyerk[sic] to gather information. Then you delivered the information to Centurion Mirka.

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  • When speaking to Micorunerk, he refers to himself as Miconyerk which is presumably an error of the NPC's name change without the changing of the dialogue.

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