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Objectives Edit

  • Take the souvenir to Noris.

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Polyidus to obtain quest. Take the souvenir to Noris. Noris is located down by the Legion Administration. Return to Polyidus to receive your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Noris has lived all his life here in Sanctum, but dreams of traveling to every corner of Atreia and the Abyss.
He has a particular interest in the Abyss, so I like to buy Abyss goods from teleporting travelers if they have any.
I've gathered some here but don't have time to deliver them. Would you do it, [Player Name]?"

Reward Dialogue Edit

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Polyidus's friend Noris collects souvenirs, dreaming of the day he can travel to the Abyss.

Goods from the Abyss are quite rare in Sanctum, so Polyidus asks teleporting travelers to get them.

He wanted to send the goods he had collected to his friend, so you delivered them to Noris outside the Artisans Hall.

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