Investigate the rift in the Solo Crucible and report to Combat Sergeant Anja.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Defeat <Vanktrist Spacetwine> the final opponent in the Solo Crucible. (0/5)
  • Go through the Crucible Rift and destroy the enemy. (0/1)
  • Talk with <Anja>.

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, you must successfully complete the solo instance 5 times. Go through the rift that will spawn after your fifth completion, and kill the hostile NPC you encounter. Return to Anja to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"It started slowly... just a vague feeling of darkness and damp from the Crucible Challenge.
At first, I assumed it was just shadows of the disturbed auras of Daevas returning from Gelkmaros.
However, from the images I'm getting now, I can tell it wasn't that at all."
1 "What have you seen?"
"I saw a... rift... forming in the Crucible. It resonates with the numbing power of <Vanktrist Spacetwine>.}}
His power... it has weakened the Aetheric field around Illusion Stadium. I think the field is sporadically faltering and creating a rift that's letting Tiamat's Balaur into the Crucible.
The rift is closed now, and I've reinforced the field, but the likelihood of another rift ripping through is pretty high. I'm going to need help dealing with this."

Accept Edit

"I hate to admit it... I have all of this power to create illusions and protective fields, but in actual combat, I'm pathetic. I simply don't have the aptitude or training for it.
Would you go into the Crucible Challenge and give Vanktrist a lashing? Once he's down for the count, wait for another Rift to open. If my suspicions are right, you'll find plenty of Balaur on the other side of the rift. Destroy the cursed beasts!
Vanktrist is really strong. I'm pretty sure you're going to have to fight him several times before the rift appears. But, when you are, report to Combat Sergeant Anja. She's very efficient and can handle things from there."
X "The task is mine!"

Decline Edit

"No? You think me unworthy of your aid? Because I'm not a warrior?
Don't worry... I'm used to it. Go on now. Go do your fighting thing. I'll ::{x|Fighting 'thing'? Harumph!}}

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Finally! I've been waiting for you.
Did you talk to Inggness?
What did she say? Are the Balaur a new addition to the Crucible? If so, I'll need form 27b/6..."'
1 "No forms are necessary."
"A rift? In the Crucible? How is that even possible?
The Balaur must be getting desperate, daring to attack the Marchutan Priory so directly.
Not the news I was expecting, but now that we know I can inform my superiors and initiate the appropriate counter measures."

Summary Edit

Daeva of Time Inggness suspected that Tiamat's Balaur had been making incursions into the Crucible by taking advantage of a weakness in the Aetheric field caused by Vanktrist.

She reinforced the field, but she was worried that another rift might open. She asked you to look for one, then go through it and destroy any Balaur you found.

It did and you did. Then you reported what happened to Combat Sergeant Anja who sent the intel up the chain of command.

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