As Vonduca requested, get rid of the undead who threaten the Besfer Refugee Camp.

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Objectives Edit

  • Get rid of undead creatures that threaten Besfer Refugee Camp.
Friar Lich (0/7)
Graveknight Guard (0/3)
Lament Obscura (0/5)

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Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Did you talk to Benyar? I hope you weren't offended by his unfriendly attitude. He doesn't trust Daevas. He insist that we Humans must do everything for ourselves.
I understand what he means. We don't want to become too dependent on help that could vanish at any time. It's a hard thing to swallow, this feeling of helplessness...
But there are things that require assistance. If we let our pride rule us, all could be lost."
1 "Too much pride is ruinous."
"Exactly. I'm telling you this because I need to ask your help.
I went to The Whispering Forest to collect firewood the other day and I saw Liches, Unfests, and Lament Obscuras, all closer that ever."'
They're getting closer to this Refugee Village every day. If we don't do anything, they'll overrun the refugees and all our efforts will be for nothing."
1 "Yes, that would be bad."
"We Humans aren't capable of dealing with them. We can avoid them well enough most of the time to collect food or firewood, but if they attack, we haven't a chance.
Benyar might not admit it, but it's beyond our abilities.
Aion created Daevas to protect Humans in situations like this,so I'm asking that you use your power to destroy the undead in The Whispering Forest."

Accept Edit

"Thank you. Look for Friar Liches, Graveknight Guards, and Lament Obscuras in the Whispering Forest.
They attack everyone alive. Kill them all so that people here can be safe.
We've suffered enough."
X "Blood for blood!"

Decline Edit

You think it's not worth your while to protect us, Daeva?
Duty can't be forced, but I would never have expected that answer."
X "Perhaps some other time."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"I can't sleep at night when I think of the undead so close to the village.
Have you destroyed them all?"
1 "I killed a great many."
"You're a credit to your wings, Daeva. You've done a great service to the people of Besfer.
If I ascend I will follow your example."

Summary Edit

Vonduca, the Watch Leader in the Besfer Refugee Camp, was worried that the undead from The Whispering Forest seemed to be wandering closer to the camp.

At her request, you went to The Whispering Forest and destroyed Friar Liches, Graveknight Guards, and Lament Obscuras.

When you reported back, Vonduca was relieved and expressed her gratitude.

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