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You need to learn a new skill. Find an instructor who can teach you.

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Walkthrough Edit

Travel to Akarios Village once obtaining the quest in your log and speak with the NPC for your profession.

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Reward Dialogue Edit

Kunandes (Warrior)
"Ah--you must be [Player Name]. Here to learn a new skill already are you?
You sure have skinny arms for a Warrior. You'll need to bulk up a bit before getting involved in group combat."
1 "I'm here to learn some new skills."
To learn a new skill, buy the relevant Skill Manual from me, then read it. Very simple.
Oh, and a quick tip if you've got some loose change--you can buy Skill Manuals whenever you want, so if you buy as many as you can now, you won't have to keep returning."
Gilden (Scout)
"[Player Name], isn't it?
I've seen you out there, and while you're fast, you shouldn't try to block when you could just as easily dodge.
You get away with it now, sure, but if your technique doesn't improve by the time you leave Poeta, you'll be in serious trouble.
Remember, a Scout's strength is through speed and accuracy."
1 "I'm here to learn some new skills."
"You seem ambitious [Player Name]. Let me fancy yourself an able Ranger? Or perhaps a deadly Assassin? I wonder...
Well, you've come to the right place--you can buy your Skill Manuals from me. Remember, you need to read the manuals to learn the skill. They're no good just sitting in your inventory!
Oh, and a quick tip--feel free to buy manuals you can't learn from yet. It'll save you travel time later."
Esera (Mage)
"Oh it's you!
I saw you earlier, setting the Akarios Plains alight with your fireballs. Impressive work for such a newcomer.
I'm Esera, the Mage instructor. How can I help you?"
1 "I have come to learn new skills."
"Ah, very well. Just remember--we Mages are delicate beings, [Player Name]. You should learn to feel comfortable with your current abilities before you seek to expand them.
Hah! Enough tutelage. I'll sell you all the Skill Manuals you need for now. Don't forget to read them, though!
Here's another free tip. You can buy manuals for skills you can't use yet to save you the trip back here later."
Kagas (Priest)
"Wha...izzat you, [Player Name]?
Jusht tell me whatcha want. *hic*"
1 "I'm here to learn some new skills."
"Oh, why din't you shay sho?!
Got 'em right here! Shafe 'n shound.
You oughta get a bunchuv 'em, fer later y'know. Then you don't hafta come back here alltha time. Schmart eh?"


You feel your skills have improved somewhat.

You remembered that you should find an instructor who can sell you some Skill Manuals.

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