Orashunerk is going to cook a new recipe. Help him by gathering the ingredients he asked for.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Raw Ksellid Meat> (0/2)
<Dorado> (0/2)
<Briga Powder> (0/2)
<Hot Spice> (0/5)

Basic RewardEdit

Walkthrough Edit

Go to Salintus Dessert to kill <Laggard Ksellids> for the meat, and to get Dorado from the lake. You can buy Briga Powder and Hot Spice from <Daraia> in Pandaemonium. Bring all the ingredients back to Orachunerk to get the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Orashunerk invents something new, new recipe!
Must test now, before Orashunerk forgets!"
1 "What is it?"
"Helper-Daeva! Go! Go and get me Dorado, Ksellid Raw Meat, Briga Powder and Hot Spice!
Hurry! Orashunerk will forget new recipe soon!"

Accept Edit

"Find Dorado in lake in Salintus Desert, Ksellid Raw Meat from Laggard Ksellids in desert too.
Buy Briga Powder, Hot Spices from Daraia--Daraia of Pandaemonium.
Bring quick, akakak!"
X "You better pay me well, Shugo."

Decline Edit

"Oh! Orashunerk is forgetting already, nyerk.
Helper-Daeva not so helpful, nyerk."
X "I'm not your helper!"

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Ingredients, helper-Daeva?"
1 "Take these."

Failed Item Check Edit

"No ingredients? Hurry! Already Orashunerk is forgetting!"
X "Hold on a little longer...."

Successful Item Check Edit

"Ah! Perfect! Orashunerk tests!
Delicious! Take recipe, helper-Daeva. Wrote down, now Orashunerk never, never forgets!"

Summary Edit

Orashunerk was worried that he did not have the right ingredients to make a new recipe. You got him the ingredients he asked for, and he gave you the recipe in exchange.

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