Meet <Spatalos> to receive orders about investigating the Lepharist Revolutionaries.

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Talk with Spatalos to begin the quest. Travel to Cantas Coast and speak with Khidia. Transform and infiltrate the Lepharist Ship. Report back to Khidia and report on the Captain's conversation. Travel back to the ship and defeat Captain Kinsgreen and search his body. Take the Kingeen's Order back to Khidia. Return to the citadel and speak with Spatalos to finish quest and receive reward.

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"How much do you know about the Lepharist Revolutionaries, [Player Name]?
Probably the same as most of us--anarchist bandits who set up camps, steal local resources, and stir up discontent. They spread sedition and openly blaspheme against the Seraphim Lords.
I don't understand them and I don't know what they want--that troubles me. There's a sighting along the Cantas Coast, and I'd like you to look into it."
1 "What would you like me to do?"
"The Lepharists are pretending to be ordinary sailors or beachcombers, but our scouts know it's them, and we have to assume their target is the Verteron Observatory. If the Observatory is compromised, we'll be completely exposed to attack."
1 "How can I help?"
"Head to the Verteron Observatory, and present yourself to the Observatory guardian, Khidia.
She's watched over the Observatory for many years, and she knows the Cantas Coast intimately. She also has an...unusual gift. She can detect even the tiniest anomaly in the flow. She once told me it was like "listening to the taste of melting stars.
If anything's amiss, Khidia will know it."
1 "I'll leave immediately."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"A Daeva comes, sent by Spatalos! Searing with buttercup fire, blue as a winter scream! Such energy!
This has to do with our uninvited guests by the shipwreck, yes? I'm glad they hear my warnings in Sanctum. I told them there are strange things in the Aether flow. Ripples whispering like phosphor, outraged, gathering like stormclouds, straining at the leash.
It has not been long since your ascension, my friend. Yet you are respected by so many. I wonder how many who behold you truly know you?"
1 "What do you mean?"
"It is nothing. Your energies are strong...let us discuss the matter at hand.
Daeva, you must investigate the Mysterious Shipwreck. That is where these Lepharists are nesting. We don't wish to alert them--so no reckless assaults. I will shift your shape, and you will become a Plumis!
While you're transformed, you may only move, watch, and listen. You may not speak, and fighting will be impossible. Be careful! The transformation won't last for long, so don't dawdle. Are you ready, my bonny bird?"
1 "Ready."
After transformation
"A billow in the Aether, electric to the taste, like silver feathers. The Daeva approaches.
Tell me everything you saw. Leave no detail out."
1 "Well..."
"I feared as much--these lunatics are plotting to destroy the Observatory! We must stop them, [Player Name]!
The time for subtlety is past! Kill Captain Kinsgreen, the leader you saw, and search his body for orders, or plans, or anything that will tell us more of their plot.
The Lepharists are many in number, my friend. But you are fierce as sea-foam wildfire. They will fall before the glorious razor music of your eyes."
1 "I'll bring you those orders."
"I have waited for you, listening carefully to the stirring Aether, like a child with her ear to a purple velvet curtain.
Did you slay Captain Kinsgreen? And do we know their plans?
1 "Here you are."

Failed Item Check Edit

"You bring me nothing? Do you fear to confront them, then? If you could see what I see, feel what I feel, you would not fear the Lepharists, but perhaps you would understand why so many fear you."
1 "Don't worry, I'll kill him."

Successful Item Check Edit

"These are the orders? Let me see...
Siel's blood! We have very little time left to act--they are here in Verteron already. But how would it benefit them to harm the Aetheric field?'s the Abyss! Oh, [Player Name], these Lepharists are no mere anarchists! They're in league with the Balaur! Or the Asmodians!
Quickly, Daeva! Report back to Spatalos. The Lepharists must be stopped, no matter the cost!"
1 "We'll stop them!"

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Welcome back, [Player Name]. What news from the Observatory? I trust Khidia is well? And what did you learn of the Lepharists?
1 "Well, I found out..."
"I envy you, [Player Name]. I wish I'd been there to kill Captain Kinsgreen myself.
Heresy and sedition is bad enough, but they would strip Verteron of Aetheric protection and leave her vulnerable to the Balaur and Asmodians. Ragged bandits, indeed!
But who is behind them, [Player Name]? Some Balaur warlord? An Asmodian spymaster? Who? Sanctum shall know of this immediately.
This reward is far less than you deserve, but I hope you'll accept it."


Spatalos was concerned about recent reports of Lepharist Revolutionaries, and sent you to Verteron Observatory.

You transformed into a Plumis with the help of Khidia and scouted the shipwreck. Then you killed Captain Kinsgreen, the head of the Lepharists there, and found orders on his body.

To stop the plan to destroy the Observatory, you handed over the orders to the Verteron Citadel Commander Spatalos.

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