Go to <Gano> and ask him to care for Polar and <Serin> for <Perinens> who has sentry duty.

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Talk with <Perinens> to receive this quest. Go to Tolbas Village and talk with Template:Ncp to finish quest and receive the reward.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"Do you have any children, Daeva?
I look after two. One is my own, one is my sister's. <Polor> and <Serin>--they're a pair of holy terrors, but I adore them.
I just wish my sister could see them playing together...."
1 "Children? Isn't Verteron too dangerous?"
"Oh, they're not here in the citadel! They're in Tolbas Village, in the next valley over.
No, I wouldn't bring children here. It's far too dangerous and they'd have nowhere to play.
When I go on sentry duty, I leave them with <Gano> in Tolbas Village."
1 "That's where they are now?"
"Yes, they'll...oh no! I forgot to tell Gano about my sentry duty tonight!
He won't know to look after the children!
[Player Name], can I ask a big favor? Will you please run to Gano and give him my message?"


"Whew! That's so kind of you, [Player Name]. If you'd refused, I don't know who else I could have turned to.
Please tell Gano that Perinens has to do sentry duty tonight, and ask if he'd mind taking care of the kids until tomorrow?
You'll find him in the Tolbas Forest. He's usually there this time of day, digging for herbs."
1 "I'll let him know."


"Oh, no! Don't say you're too busy!
Polor and Serin will wait up for me to come home! There'll be nobody to cook for them!
What if something happens? Like a fire, or something worse?"
X "Sorry."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Look at the countryside around us, Daeva. You ever see anything so beautiful?
I used to live in Sanctum, y'know, but it just didn't do it for me.
I'll take tress and open fields over high towers any day.
1 "I have a message from Perinens."
"Heh. Forgot she had night duty again, did she?
Don't worry. I'll look after Serin and Polor.
She's a nice girl, that Perinens, but she can be scattered. Sorry you got dragged into this, Daeva."

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Perinens raises Polor and Serin by herself, and told you she often gets Gano's help caring for them while she works.

She was worried because she forgot about her night duty and couldn't care for the children overnight. She needed Gano to watch them but couldn't leave her post to ask him.

You went to Gano and delivered her request.

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