After introducing yourself to Seirenia, it became apparent that you both had connections to Poeta. She mentioned that her clothes were once stolen there. You should speak to Namus and work out how to deal with this situation.

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Basic Reward Edit

Reward 1
Reward 2
Reward 3
*Based on decision.

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*This follow-up quest is only available if you refuse to give Namus the gown in Tango quest icon <The Nymph's Gown> [5] and take it to <Asteros> instead.

Talk with Seirenia to begin the quest. Now travel to Poeta and talk with Namus to update the quest. Travel back to Sanctum and talk with Seirenia again to complete quest.

Your response to Seirenia determines your reward. For the most Kinah, choose reward 1. For the most experience, choose reward 3.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"You must be our latest Daeva! What was your name again...[Player Name], right?
You've caused quite a stir! The Seraphim Lords usually choose new Daevas with backgrounds less...colorful, I suppose, than yours.
Some Daevas cherish their lofty status but I'm not about to question the Seraphim Lords' judgment."
1 "It's natural to prefer the status quo...."
"True, true. Still, I can tell you're going to have to work extra hard to appease the stuffy aristocrats around here.
Now, please don't take this the wrong way, but...I've never met a mercenary before.
What's it like? I'm curious!"
1 "Been to Poeta? I defended a village..."
"Not Akarios, surely? What a small world we live in!
I used to visit the Daminu Forest regularly--to bathe beneath a waterfall there. A beautiful place, so serene compared to the hectic pace here in Sanctum.
But I gave up that serenity after one bad experience. Would you believe that someone stole my clothes one evening? What an outrage!"
1 "I know...actually, I found them."
"You're the one who found my clothes? I didn't get a chance to thank you!
I never did figure out who stole them in the first place, though. I shiver every time I think about it.
[Player Name], since you found my clothes, do you think you could go back to Poeta and find out what happened? And it's a private matter to me, so use discretion please."

Accept Edit

"Thank you! Your face is familiar to the people of Poeta, so you'll probably find the culprit faster than an outsider.
Ariel light your path, [Player Name]. Perhaps if you bring the thief to justice, I'll feel comfortable relaxing by the waterfall again."
X "I'll return soon."

Decline Edit

"I see. Are you afraid of slipping back into the mercenary lifestyle if you return to Poeta?
Oh, it doesn't matter. If you change your mind, come back and see me, [Player Name]'."
X "I shall."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name]! It's really you!
I heard you became a Daeva and went to Sanctum! How are you?
Things haven't changed much since you left, I'm afraid. We're still trying to kick the Dukaki out of the forest."
1 "Seirenia seeks a clothing thief..."
"A clothing thief? Well, obviously you should turn yourself in, [Player Name]! I stole the clothes, didn't you?
What? D-Don't look at me like that! What are you suggesting?
I'm seeing someone else now, anyway! And I thought Seirenia forgot all about it...but I guess not, huh?"
1 "What do you think I should do?"
"Well, you could tell Seirenia that you investigated, but you couldn't find the culprit.
Or maybe you could tell her that it was a mercenary--a mercenary who was banished after his crimes were discovered. Yeah, that'd work!
Or, you could take one for the team--tell her you stole the clothes and apologize profusely. I don't care what you say. Just don't incriminate me!"
1 "I need to think about this..."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You've returned from Akarios Village!
Please, tell me what you learned! Did you discover the criminal? And did with the punishment issue?"
1 "It was a woodcutter named Namus."
"Namus the woodcutter...hmmm. Yes, I think I know him.
He was always snooping around the waterfall. I never thought he'd have the courage to approach, much less steal from me.
Now that I have his name, what should I do with him?"
1 "Report him?"
"How dare he steal from me! First thing tomorrow I'm traveling to Poeta and reporting that snivelling[sic] runt to the priest.
Spying on bathers, stealing clothes...I hate to think what else he's capable of!" (quest reward 1)
2 "There were extenuating circumstances..."
"Extenuating circumstances? What possible reason could someone have for stealing my clothes?
I think you're hiding the culprit, [Player Name]!"
1 "Let me explain..."
"The thief thought I was a nymph?! But that makes no sense!
I don't care if the thief read some fanciful fable in a badly written book. I'm no nymph and I'm certainly not going to fall in love with him if he steals my clothes!
I froze half to death getting back here, too! What idiots those Humans can be!" (quest reward 2)
3 "I couldn't find anything conclusive..."
"That's too bad. You aren't hiding anything from me, are you, [Player Nname]? I felt certain you would uncover the truth.
Not even a clue, huh?"
1 "Sorry, Seirenia, but no."
"That's a pity. I suppose any leads have now gone cold. I'll just try to forget about the whole incident and move on, I suppose.
Well, thank you for investigating, [Player Name].
Please, take this for your time." (quest reward 3)


Seirenia asked you to find out who stole her clothes.

After confronting Namus, he pleaded with you not to tell Seirenia he was involved.

You pondered how best to answer Seirenia and eventually settled the situation with her.

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