Daskair wants to make sure he is prepared to declare his feelings for Sadena. Help him choose an outfit and prepare a declaration that will meet Sadena's high standards.

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All NPCs for this quest can be found in Pandaemonium. Daskair tells the player to purchase clothes created by Lark, of which there are 5. Only the <Eiren Blouse> and <Eiren Skirt> are required to update when speaking to Sadena. If any of the 5 pieces are in inventory when updating with Daskair, they are removed. Sell them for a profit or place them in account storage to keep them.

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"[Player Name]! I've just received Sadena's gift! Seems I owe you two favors. If I'd known you'd have to obtain the materials as well as make the order, I'd never have asked you. Well, maybe I would have...
I was worried about spending so much Kinah on one gift, but I have to actually tell her how I feel...the money seems like nothing!
This is awful. What if I stutt startering...I mean start stuttering. There! See? It's happening already!"
1 "Isn't this what you wanted?"
"Yes. No. You don't understand. I'm not just giving her a gift. I need to confess my feelings to her.
And I know Sadena--everything has to be perfect! The right place, the right time, the right mood, even the right clothing!
I know it's the right gift, but I have to make everything else right."
1 "How will you do that?"
"That's the problem, [Player Name]! I don't know what I should wear. It's no use me pouring my heart out if she thinks I dress like a slob.
I need you to do me one last favor. After this, I promise, I'll never ask for your help again. What I'd like you to do is very simple. Buy one of Eiren's latest outfits and show Sadena. See what she thinks of it.
If she has a favorable impression of it, I'll wear one like it when I go to speak to her. Will you help me once more?"

Accept Edit

"Hah! Thank you, thank you! If Sadena and I do end up together, I won't forget this. Don't think the Vanahal District will change me.
She is very picky about clothes. In fact, the only clothes she seems to like are those made by Eiren. I've seen Lark with them in the Prosperity Road.
This is extremely important! If she gives any indication that she doesn't like it--and it's not normally hard to tell--I'll have to find another outfit."
X "I understand."

Decline Edit

"I know Sadena. Clothes are important to her. Expressing my true feelings would be enough for most women, but not her.
Without the proper clothes, I'm never going to speak to her.
X "Never is a long time."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Where are you going, all dressed up like that?
I haven't missed something important, have I? I must be seen at every public event in Pandaemonium!
No. No, I would have heard. But then why are you dressed like that? [Player Class] are almost always dressed for battle.
1 "Do you like the clothes?"

Failed Item Check Edit

"Well, since you look terrible! You can't just buy whatever is most expensive and throw it on. You need to wear things to suit you! The fabric, the cut, all must be considered. And if it costs a lot of Kinah, all the better.
Look at what you're wearing now. The color is all wrong. And the cut? No, no, no... it makes you look short. Not flattering at all. You can't buy class. You either have taste or you don't. And you...."
X "I see."

Successful Item Check Edit

"What you're wearing? It's by Eiren, isn't it?
Yes. Definitely Eiren. I'm never wrong about these things. The cut and design are in perfect harmony.
It...suits you very well.
1 "Thank you."
'While you were checking out the clothing, I've been talking to Selesti to arrange the perfect setting, and Agamo agreed to recite his most beautiful poem. It's crucial that the right mood is set. I don't want anything to go wrong. The mood is just as important as any gift or clothing.
Tell me, what did she think of the outfit?"
1 "She said it looks good...on me."
"I've never spent so much Kinah on clothing before, but for her, I'd even sell my sword! I'll put this on and wait by the waterfall outside the Banquet Hall in the Vanahal District. At least I won't look out of place now.
"Surely, once she sees all my effort, Sadena will understand the depth of my feelings. And maybe she'll feel the same way about me.
Go tell Selesti and Agamo it's time for my big moment--my grand declaration! I don't want to build it up too much... Oh, and don't forget to invite the guest of honor! I'm hardly going to confess my love to Agamo, now, am I?"
1 "I'm on my way."
"I'm known in Pandaemonium for my banquets. I've organized events for the very cream of society! But some people are just never happy.
The Daevas of the Vanahal District are famously fussy, but Sadena is too much! I can't work with her! She asked for garlands of white flowers, so I found some. Beautiful woven strings of unblemished petals.
But Sadena changed her mind. They didn't suit the furnishings, she said. Red flowers would be better, she said. And when I got red flowers, she wanted running water! Ugh!"
1 "Daskair's ready for his big moment."
"Hah! He is foolish enough to confess his love to Sadena? He should keep it secret--hope it goes away, if you ask me. No accounting for taste, I suppose.
The decorations are in place. And this time they're perfect--even Sadena can't complain."
1 "Thank you."
"A swordsman must practice everyday or be caught off-guard on the battlefield.
It's no different for poets and bards. I recite my work publicly just as a warrior sharpens his blade against a whetstone. If you hear me making strange noises, I'm just doing my vocal exercises. I'm not choking. Not again.
Did you come for a recitation?"
1 "Daskair's ready for your poem."
"This is my best love poem of all time. An epos of pathos!
No one has heard it spoken. Not even me--I've yet to recite it. Daskair's love will be the poem's first recitation.
I'll head to the banquet hall this moment. Love cannot wait! There isn't a woman in Pandaemonium who could resist his declaration after hearing my latest triumph."
1 "I'm sure you're right."
"You really can't keep away, can you...
I don't know where you get the nerve!"
1 "Daskair awaits you at the banquet hall."
"He wants me to go where? Right now? A common Daeva ordering me around...I don't think so.
He could at least have asked me himself.
Well, I am passing that way anyway. If I stop by, it won't be for Daskair."
1 "You've made your feelings clear."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"There you are! Did you speak to Selesti and Agamo?''
And Sadena, tell me you found her!
What did she say? Will she meet with me?"
1 "She implied that she might stop by..."
"Thank you, [Player Name], for helping me. It isn't your fault. You did what you could.
I thought I was prepared for the worst...but this...hurts."
1 "I'm sorry."
"No, apologies on your part! You ran around running errands for me--I have nothing but gratitude toward you.
I'm sure we were meant to be together. I'll just have to wait it out until she sees it, too."

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In preparation for declaring his feelings to Sadena, Daskair chose some expensive clothes and prepared a location.

You told him which clothes Sadena liked, asked Selesti and Agamo to come support Daskair, and then delivered Sadena an invitation to the banquet hall.

Despite all Daskair's efforts, Sadena did not accept him.

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