As Moorilerk suggested, get rid of Dukakis so that Moofrenerk can escape.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Dukaki Peon> (0/2)
<Dukaki Watchman> (0/3)
<Dukaki Protector> (0/3)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest head into the Odium Refinery and kill the required number of Dukakis. Continue to Moofrenerk to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Moorilerk see many Dukakis and Skurvs between here and where brother Moofrenerk is...but Daeva should have no problems with them, nyerk.
Daeva will talk to brother Shugo now? Tell Moofrenerk about our handshake deal?"
1 "I'll set him straight."
"Moorilerk is worried about Moofrenerk. Brother is stuck inside the middle of Haramel...needs Daeva's help to escape, nyerk.
Maybe the nice Daeva will get rid of some Dukakis in Moofrenerk's path? Help Moofrenerk?"

Accept Edit

"So, Daeva will kill Dukakis so Moofrenerk has escape plan?
Daeva and Shugos have a solid handshake deal if so...."
X "I said I'd handle it!"

Decline Edit

"No? Daeva only wants information...does not want to help, nyerk?
That's a terrible handshake deal, Daeva. Not fair one bit, nyerk."
X "Both life and prison are unfair."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"So you were the noises Moofrenerk heard, Daeva! What brings you here?
Is the Daeva looking for a special Odium deal? Moofrenerk doesn't handle that...just a worker. You should see the big boss."
1 "Your brother cut a deal..."
"What? Moorilerk cut a deal with Daeva authorities?
Really? No prison for Moofrenerk and brother if we help the Daeva? Nyerk?
You help Moofrenerk escape, too? Here...take this. It is not a pay-off...just a thank you. A Shugo incentive."

Summary Edit

Moorilerk said his brother was trapped inside Haramel, and he asked you to kill Dukakis so that he could escape.

So, you terminated Dukakis and told Moofrenerk to run. He thanked you with Kinah, which you took but never documented in your report.

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