<Alfrigh> is looking for Dried Ginseng Root. Gather eight pieces of Dried Ginseng Root from the Dundun in the Odella Plantation and bring them to Alfrigh.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Dried Ginseng Root> (0/8)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Alfrigh to begin quest. Obtain 8 Dried Ginseng Roots from the Dundun Farmers and Dundun Looklooks located within the plantation. Return to Alfrigh for reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"You know, people would have you believe the Dundun were mindless dunces destined to do nothing more than farm their crops, breed, and then croak.
I know better, though. There's more to them than meets the eye."
1 "There is?"
"You bet. See, as farmers they're top notch. I was a farmhand back in my youth, and let me tell you, Ginseng is not easy to grow. It requires constant monitoring and perfect conditions. And even then, the crops can fail for absolutely no reason.
So, one day I find a dead Dundun out on the trail towards the Odella Plantation. Among his things, I found a pouch bustin' full with dried Ginseng! Literally spillin' out of his pockets! I've checked, and it looks as if all the Dundun carry Dried Ginseng Roots.
I'm looking for someone to head up to the plantation and get some more for me. 'Course, those Dundun aren't likely to just hand it over, so you might have to crack a few skulls to get it. How about it?"


"Nice one, [Player Name].
Now, I hear Dundun Farmers and even the occasional Dundun Looklook carry Dried Ginseng Roots. you'll find them both in the Odella Plantation.
X "I'm on it."


" I was going to ask one of the lads who I know ca throw a punch or two, but I figured you'd be cheaper to hire, seein' as you're still tryin' to make a name for yourself. Guess I was wrong.
Go on then, [Player Class]. Clear off."
X "It's your charm that gets me, Alfrigh..."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Whoah! Catch a whiff of that! Talk about a cheap and easy cure for fatigue!
Yeah, this is definitely the right stuff. You did well, [Player Name]. Here's your reward, as promised. I'd say spend it wisely, but where's the fun in that, eh?"

Summary Edit

Alfrigh requested you gather some Dried Ginseng Root from the Dundun in the Odella Plantation. You hunted the Dundun and brought Alfrigh the Dried Ginseng Root he asked for.

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