<Perinens> has made a reckless bet with <Estino> that she would go and raid the Tursin Outpost. Gather Krall weapons, since Perinens can't leave her post, and bring them to Estino.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Krall Weapon> (0/8)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Speak with Perinens to obtain this quest. Collect 8 Krall Weapons from the Krall Supply Boxes located within the garrison. There are many that are not in aggro. Travel to Ellun River Mouth and talk to Estino and give her the weapons and collect the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name], can you keep a secret? I've done something really stupid and I need help."
1 "What's the matter, Perinens?"
"It was Estino's fault! He just kept on and on at me until I couldn't take it anymore!
"Guarding the citadel again, are we? Nothing much going on? I'd say you should watch the Tursin Outpost some time, but I know not everyone's cut out for fighting."
I couldn't just stand there and take it! So I...I...kind of let my mouth run away with me. Now I have to go to the Tursin Outpost or lose the stupid bet I made."
1 "Can't you handle the Krall?"
"Of course I can, but I can't leave my post! Especially for something so trivial as a personal score.
Once, a sentry called <Gaione> fell asleep on his watch--the citadel was almost overrun. I won't have a story like that floating around about me.
But...maybe you could raid the Tursin Outpost and pretend I'd done it?"

Accept Edit

"[Player Name], you're like family to me. Thank you.
The best proof would be a pile of Krall Weapons, so please gather some. The Krall keep them in supply crates all over their campsite. About eight of them should be enough to shut Estino up. He's at the Ellun River Mouth. Tell him the Krall weapons are from me, and he's lost the bet. He'll give you the money he owes me and you can just keep it.
And please...don't ever breathe a word of this to anyone."
X "Your secret is safe."

Decline Edit

"I understand. I got myself into this mess. I should pull myself out of it.
I'll lose the bet, of course. I'll be the laughing stock of all Verteron.
Even if you won't help me, please don't tell Estino that I asked you to. That would just make it worse."
X "I won't."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name]? What are you doing all the way out here?
Wait...Perinens sent you? That girl doesn't know when to quit!
Did she send you with my money? Is she finally paying up?"
1 "She sent me with these."

Failed Item Check Edit

"No disrespect to you, [Player Class], but why did you bother coming?
You tell me Perinens went to the Tursin Outpost and expect me to take her word for it? Where's the proof?
Hey, if you're taking messages back and forth, tell her this from me. Four words--"Know when you're beat.""
X "Er, I'll be right back."

Successful Item Check Edit

"What the...these are Krall Weapons. They must have come from high-ranking Krall. In the Tursin Outpost.
She really went, didn't she? Looting all these weapons...she could have been killed!
Would you give her this for me? She won it fair and square. I'll watch my mouth around her in the future."

Summary Edit

Estino taunted Perinens until she lost her temper and made a wager with him.

She boasted that she could tackle the Krall in the Tursin Outpost easily, but ended up asking you to gather Krall weapons for her and bring them to Estino as proof.

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