Karollin wants to hold a banquet for her son's homecoming from the Abyss. Go to tell Selesti that Karollin wants to arrange a banquet.

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Objectives Edit

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  • Xp 21,000 XP

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Karollin to obtain quest. Travel to the Legion administration building and speak with Selesti to complete quest and obtain reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Do you see a light in my eyes, Daeva? It is the spark of blood calling to blood. Today my son Aremion will return from serving his people in Reshanta.
When he was born, I was serving as an Archon. But I knew from the moment I first held him that I couldn't leave him behind for someone else to raise. I retired from military service and since then Aremion has been my life.
When he ascended I was joyful but...he had opened the door to eternal life, only to learn that he must go to fight in Reshanta, where his soul could be torn from him forever!"
1 "It must be difficult."
"Indeed. I have seen combat, too. I could think of nothing else as I waited for Aremion's return. Every day I would come here to the Temple to pray for his safety. Many have rebuked me for it. It's not the Asmodian way to sit and howl for your absent children.
I promised Azphel in my prayers that if he'd protect Aremion, I would stand vigil here on the Vifrost Bridge each day, in praise of him.
But that Aremion is coming home. I almost fear to rejoice."
1 "Yes, do not tempt fate."
"I have decided to hold a banquet to celebrate Aremion's return. Is it not the Asmodian way to welcome home a hero?
The joy that I feel should be shared with others. They too have waited and prayed for his safe return. But of course I can't leave my vigil. I may anger Azphel exactly at the moment his protection is needed most.
You are a veteran, [Player Name]. You understand my plight. Many people look up to you. Would you represent me in this, and ask Selesti to arrange the banquet?

Accept Edit

"Oh thank you! When you speak to Selesti, tell her I don't want an excessive feast. It should be more like a family meal...warm and comfortable, just for his family and friends.
Aremion could have stayed here in Pandaemonium you know, living the easy life...the Five know that there are plenty who have done that. But he's a true Asmodian. His blood led him to the Abyss to do his duty.
And now it's time to welcome him back!"
X "I'll get started."

Decline Edit

"Ah. I have asked for too much.
I know I should attend to this matter personally, but I don't want to leave.
Perhaps Azphel would forgive me but...perhaps not!"
X "It is a difficult decision."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"There are all sorts of reasons to hold a banquet, young Daeva. The Vanahal District is the traditional place for the old families to hold charity banquets for the poor.:
Crandale is for the real parties--the wilder the better. There's always a few Daevas due to leave for the Abyss the next day. They make a lot of noise and a big mess, but nobody says a word against them. It might be their last night of fun.
Anyway, whatever the reason, I'm here to take care of everyone's banqueting needs."
1 "I'm here on behalf of Karollin."
"Karollin? Is her son finally coming home? Well, thank the Five for that! I always felt sorry for her, standing on that bridge like a shade of the dead. Maybe now I'll see her smile again.
I've got work piled up to here, but I'm not turning Karollin down. Not if Aremion's really coming back at last.
I'll get started on the banquet preparations right away!"

Summary Edit

Karollin wanted to give a banquet to welcome her son, who was on his way home from the battlefield of Reshanta.

At Karollin's request you met Selesti, a Daeva specializing in banquets, and asked her to arrange a banquet for family and friends. Although Selesti had a lot of work piled up, she willingly accepted the task, because it was Karollin who had asked for it.

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