Hunt nine Mud Potcrabs to help Gaione the Tog on his mission to become a Daeva again.

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Talk to Gaione the Tog roaming around the Verteron Swamp. He will ask you to help him hunt Mud Potcrabs in the general vicinity. His ultimate goal is 9000, but he only asks you to hunt nine. Return to Gaione when finished.

  • Note: Gaione is a roaming NPC and patrols counter-clockwise around the fortress. When locating Gaione, the pathfinding X marker will point to the front of Verteron Citadel until you are close enough to his actual location. If he is not at the marker, he is either patrolling or has been killed.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"Daeva! Daeva! Remember me? Gaione? You helped me before!
So, ah...are you busy right now?"
1 "What do you need?"
"I need a favor. Badly.
They gave me a thousand days to finish my task. Time's running out and I'm nowhere near finished!
You slaughtered so many Mud Potcrabs last time, I'm sure it wouldn't give you much trouble to do it again?"

Accept Edit

"I'm so grateful!
Don't worry. I don't need you to hunt all of them! Nine Mud Potcrabs will do.
I'll make sure your time is repaid, like last time."
X "I'm on it."

Decline Edit

"I'm sorry to keep asking you...but I'm desperate!
At this rate, I'll be a Tog forever! Surely I've paid for what I've done by now?"
X "I'll think about it."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Did you kill the Mud Potcrabs for me?
It must have been easy for you!"
1 "It's done."
"You have given me back my faith, [Player Name].
I can do this, now. I truly believe I can.
Once I am a Daeva again, I will properly repay you!"

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Gaione the Tog thanked you for helping him last time, and once again pleaded pitifully for help with his mission to hunt nine thousand Potcrabs in one thousand days. You hunted nine Potcrabs as requested.

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