Manos has asked you to deliver a letter to his son, Qydro.

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Speak with Manos to receive this quest. Ask him about his Hands of Fate. Visit Qydro to finish quest and receive reward.

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"I haven't been sleeping well.
The reason is clear to me. Certain...things...keeping me awake. Then, of course, I only end up fatigued the next day, leading to more stress..."
1 "How frustrating."
"Frustrating, yes. I've been looking for ways to ease my mind, so last night I tried writing a letter to my son. It actually felt good to get some of my worries down on paper.
Now I need the thing delivered. I don't trust the mail, and I'll surely not let a Shugo courier get his paws on something so personal.
Of course I'm too old to make the journey myself...."
1 "I'll take it for you."
That's most charitable of you, young [Player Class]!
Are you sure you have time to help? I couldn't distract a Daeva from duty, especially with everything that's going on these days...."

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"Thank you so much! How generous!
My son Qydro lives in Tolbas Village. Here is the letter--it's very private and so important. Please see that it gets to him."
X "I will. Good day."

Decline Edit

"I suspected as much.
Let me know if you change your mind. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me."
X "Aion watch over you, sir."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"I saw my father in a dream last night. He looked distressed, waving frantically and trying to speak, but I could hear nothing.
Dreams like that probably don't mean anything, but I can't help worrying.
I'm sorry...what can I do for you?"
1 "I have a letter from your father."
"What? A letter? My father asked a Daeva to deliver a letter? I'm sorry, [Player Name]--I'm so embarrassed.
Although, I am relieved to receive this. This letter perhaps can ease the distress of my dream.
Thank you for taking time out of your day for such a simple task. Please take this reward along with my humble apologies and deep gratitude."

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Manos in Verteron Citadel wanted to send a letter to his son Qydro in Tolbas Village. Because Manos does not trust the Shugo courier, you went to Tolbas Village to deliver the letter for him.

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