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Defeat Chieftain Promakis, the leader of the Kentari Village, for Jorund.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]


After getting the quest, go north to the Kentari area. The chieftain is near the back of the village. Kill him and return to Jorund to collect your reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"I'm always sad when I have to kill a Kentari. They were once Asmodians, you know, cursed by the Empyrean Lords for helping some Elyos a long time ago."
1.png "That sounds like a fairy tale."
"Oh, no! It's quite true! You can see it in their eyes.
But I have to follow orders. The Brigade General sent an order to kill the Kentari leader, Chieftain Promakis.
Legend says that he was the Chieftain of the village when the Kentari were cursed."
1.png "How has he lived so long, then?"
"Perhaps that was part of the curse. I know I was ordered to do it, but I cannot kill him in good conscience.
But since you don't seem to take this seriously, perhaps you could do it instead?"


"Thank you for keeping my conscience clear.
You'll find Chieftain Promakis in the Kentari Village.
He's rather large, with dark, bushy hair. It shouldn't be hard to spot him."
X.png "I'll make sure he dies."


"Oh, so perhaps you believe, same as me?
You're just afraid to admit it."
X.png "Don't tell anyone else...."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Is it done?
I don't want to hear the details.
1.png "It is done."
"Perhaps if they deserved to be cursed, they deserved to die. Still, I can't help but feel for them."


Although Jorund was ordered to eliminate Chieftain Promakis, the leader of the Kentari Village, he was reluctant to follow the order because of his beliefs.

You defeated Chieftain Promakis for him.

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