Denma needs Thick Leather. Deliver the leather to her on behalf of Dalor.

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Speak with Dalor in Aldelle Village and obtain the Thick Leather. Take the leather to Denma located at Anturoon Sentry Post to receive reward.

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"Would you mind doing me a favor, [Player Class]?
I've prepped a bunch of armor, and now I need someone to make the deliveries.
It's bad enough I'm the de facto armorer, but I'll be sun-poxed if they make me their delivery boy, too!"
1 "Jack of all trades..."
"Yeah yeah, master of none...
Look, these batches of Thick Leather need to be delivered to Denma. She runs the general store at the Anturoon Crossing and has been pestering me for the supplies.
Would you mind making the delivery for me?"


"Good, thank you.
Remember, you'll find Denma over at the Anturoon Crossing. It's a dangerous place, filled with hostile predators, so stock up on supplies before you head out there, okay?
X "Thanks for the tip."


So, you hang around the village asking everyone and their shadows for work, but when I give you a simple task, you turn me down? You're a strange one, [Player Name]."
X "Sorry to disappoint."

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"Greetings, raider. I assume you are [Player Name], the one Dalor said would be delivering my leather supplies?
Please, I have little time for small talk."
1 "Suit yourself. Here's your stuff."
"This is all of it?
I asked for as much leather as possible, and when he eventually gets around to supplying me, this is what I get? Who decided Dalor would be our sole leather supplied, anyway?
Well, I suppose there's no reason to shoot the delivery person. Here's the money I promised; at least I will hold up my end of the deal.


Dalor was too busy to deliver the leather supplies Denma asked for, so you made the delivery on his behalf.

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