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Order: Intelligence reports say that the MuMu tribe is growing Odella. Take the mission from Loriniah and scout the MuMu's farming field.

Quest Information[]


  • Talk with <Loriniah>.
  • Scout the MuMu Farmland.
  • Scouting completed! Talk with Loriniah.
  • Burn the MuMu Carts in the MuMu Farmland. (0/3).
  • Talk with Loriniah.
  • Defeat the Skurvs and Mau and bring the evidence to Loriniah.
<Hairpin> (0/5)
<Sturdy Leather Belt> (0/3)

Basic Reward[]



MuMu Cart

After getting the quest, head towards the MuMu Farmland. You will get an update as you enter the area, and can return to Lorinah. You will need to return to burn the carts which can be reached without aggro if you are careful. Destroy three and return to Lorinah. Back to the Farmland to kill <MuMu FarmersMuMu Farmer> or <MuMu Gatherers> for the belts and <MuMu Patrols> and <Black Claw Patrols> for the hairpins. Get the required number and return to collect the reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Reporting for duty, [Player Name]? Good.
Two Archons--<Olenja> and I--can barely guard this place. There's a huge MuMu tribe just up the road, and we have to patrol Moslan Forest as well.
But now that the Fortress sent you to reinforce us...that changes things."
1.png "Changes them how?"
"When we first scouted the MuMu farm up the road, the Skurvs were just growing Ginseng so we left them alone. Like I said, we have a lot of territory to cover.
But then we got new orders from <Commander SuthranSuthran>...well, "orders" that started with, "Why haven't you two reported on how the Mumus[sic] have switched to growing Odella, not Ginseng?"
We can't disappoint the commander! You know how he is. And I suppose Suthran is right--we should have kept a closer eye on the MuMu tribe."
1.png "Ready for orders!"
"First, we need to determine whether the commander is right about the MuMu tribe.
Go to the MuMu Farmland and find out whether those Skurvs are growing Odella.
You can find their fields over the hill, along the road. Approach with strength and caution: not only are there Skurv sentries, but you may also see Mau from the Black Claw Tribe."
1.png "Sir, yes sir!"

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"I expected your report sooner, [Player Name]. I was beginning to think you had been caught by the Mau. And we don't have the manpower for a rescue mission.
So you scouted the MuMu Farmland. Are they growing Odella?"
1.png "Both Odella and Ginseng."
"So Commander Suthran was right: the MuMu are growing Odella! The Mau must be behind that. They use Odella for some crude manipulations of Aether, I think.
But I don't want to just report what the commander already knows. I want to show Suthran some progress.
I'm sending you back to the MuMu's farming field, but not to scout. Now you're going back as a proper Asmodian would. You're going to burn."
1.png "Burn?"
"Yes, you're going to burn them. Take this flint.
There must be MuMu Carts carrying the refined Odella in the field. Start a fire with the flint, then watch the wagons burn...burn...burn!"
1.png "There will be nothing left but ashes!"

After burning carts

"I've been waiting for you, [Player Name].
I saw plumes of smoke on the horizon. I take it you burned the MuMu Carts? 'Cause I like it when things burn!"
1.png "I burned them out."
"Apparently I wasn't the only one who saw the smoke. While you were up there, we received new orders.
Let me open them...“Burning the Odella does no good--they'll just grow more...”
Commander Suthran doesn't sound happy...“Kill the Skurvs and Mau...teach them fear, and bring back proof that you can attack something more dangerous than a bundle of plants.”"
1.png "I'm on it."

Reward Dialogue[]

"I'm worried that Commander Suthran will replace us--or worse--over the MuMu situation.
Did you bring back proof that we're doing our duty out here?"
1.png "Here's the proof."
Without proof
"Look, we need you to take care of the Skurvs and Mau. If Olenja and I take care of it, the commander will be furious that we left our post.
You've been a big help to us so far. So do your duty to Asmodae!
Get rid of the Skurvs and Mau, and bring their belts and head adornments."
1.png "On my way."
With proof
"Well done, [Player Name].
I'll report back to Commander Suthran that the Skurvs and Mau live in fear of Asmodae's might...and send these battle-trophies as proof. That should please the commander--if anything does."


You spoke with Loriniah, who said he'd received a report that the Mumus are growing Odella. He asked you to investigate the MuMu's fields. After confirming that the Mumus are growing Odella, Loriniah asked you to burn the wagons containing the Odella.

You completed the mission and came back just in time to get an order from Altgard Fortress: get rid of the Skurvs and Mau. You collected trophies from the fallen to prove your mettle.