Find out how the Lepharist Revolutionaries are using the Artifact. Meet Telemachus to receive your mission.

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After talking to Telemachus, go to the Lepharist Bastion. It is possible to float down to the locations of one of the engineers, and break the cage to get them out. Carefully escort the engineer to either of the two exits which will marked on the map. There are elites, so watch the aggro. The Secret Exit is in a small cave on the western cliff, while the Forgotten Passage is in the northernmost part of the Lepharist Bastion. If you fail, return to a Civil Engineer and start again. Return to Eltnen Fortress to talk to Telemachus who teleports you to Sanctum to talk to Xenophon. Head to the Abyss to Teminon Landing, and go to the Warehouse Construction Site to the west to talk to Yudito. Return to Telemachus then go to Kuriullu Outpost to talk to Laigas. Run to an area close to the Stolen Artifact and float towards it. There are elites in the area, so it might be advantageous to join a group. Interact with the artifact to destroy it. Return to Laigas and then finally to Telemachus to collect the reward.

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"A few nights ago, a team of civil engineers was kidnapped from here while we slept.
I suspected Lepharists were responsible. Now, it seems that they have also stolen an Artifact from the Outpost Ruins."
1 "Likely the two are connected."
"That was my thought as well. Obviously, they are forcing the engineers to help construct their base. But perhaps they are using the Artifact for the same purpose....
Whatever their aims, the Lepharists must be stopped. Go to the Lepharist Bastion and rescue the Civil Engineers there.
See what you can discover about the Artifact, as well."
1 "I shall teach those Lepharists a lesson."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

Civil Engineer
"We must escape, before the guards can raise the alarm!
At both sides of this Bastion, there are passages that lead to the outside. The Lepharists don't know about them.
The Secret Exit is near the center. It's a small cave on the western cliff. Alternatively we could escape through the Forgotten Passage in the northernmost part of the base.
Choose quickly!"
1 "Follow me."
"Did you rescue the Civil Engineers? And what of the Artifact?
Tell me what you saw."
1 "I think the Lepharists are..."
"If they are using it to construct their Bastion, the Artifact must have immense power indeed.
No doubt that power could be turned to destruction as well....
We cannot allow them to keep that base."
1 "You have a plan of attack?"
"The Artifact complicates matters. It will require a greater strategist than I to form the plan.
Xenophon is one of the most brilliant tacticians in Sanctum. He'll be in the Library of the Sages.
Just say the word, and I'll teleport you to him. Tell him the situation and ask what we should do."
1 "I'm ready to go now."
"What brings you here, friend?"
1 "There is a situation in Eltnen..."
"A powerful Artifact like that could have any number of uses. All of them bad, in the wrong hands.
It would be safer to destroy it."
1 "How do you propose to do that?"
"Artifacts cannot be destroyed with ordinary weapons. Aetheric explosives should do the job nicely, though.
Go to the Abyss and meet Yuditio. As our resident demolition expert in the Abyss, he should have the Aether Explosives you need."
1 "Thanks for the advice."
"I can tell you want something from me. You have that look on your face."
1 "I need some Aetheric explosives..."
"You want to destroy an Artifact? Oh, but that's bold!
I would gladly give you the Aetheric Explosive for the greater good of Sanctum.
And for my own personal satisfaction--think of the destruction you'll cause...."
1 "I am grateful for your help."
"This much should take care of the Stolen Artifact.
Set the fuse, then fly away quickly.
Let's pray you live to tell me about the explosion."
1 "Aion shall protect me."
"What does Xenophon advise?"
1 "We must destroy the Artifact."
"The obvious solution. And he even provided you with the means to do so.
You will need some help to plant the explosives, though. Go to the Kuriullu Outpost and meet with Laigas.
He knows much about the Lepharist Bastion. He should help you get those explosives to where they can do the most damage.
1 "I shall consult with him."
"What brings you here?"
1 "I need your assistance..."
"Destroying the Stolen Artifact...hmmm...."
Ah, I know!
1 "Yes?"
"Aion's blessing be upon your mission, [Player Name].
I hope you will return safely and successfully."
1 "Faith and arms."
(After destroying the artifact)
"I saw the explosion! Nothing could have survived that! this!"
1 "All right..."
"Already the Lepharist Bastion crumbles. They shall be a threat no longer.
Brigade General Telemachus is no doubt eager to hear of your success."
1 "I shall report to him."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"I thought I heard thunder in the distance, as if from a great explosion.
I take it that was you?"
1 "Aye."
"The Lepharists should no longer be a serious threat, then.
I shall report this incident to Sanctum, and send more patrols to mop up the survivors.
Your valor is appreciated, Daeva."

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You heard that the Lepharist Revolutionaries kidnapped a Civil Engineer. You rescued him and saw the situation in the Lepharist Bastion. The Fortress Commander ordered you to meet Xenophon, a military expert in Sanctum, and ask for help in stopping the Lepharists from using the Artifact.

Xenophon ordered you to blow up the Artifact with the help of Yuditio, an explosive expert in the Abyss. You successfully blew up the Artifact, and reported the result to the Fortress Commander.

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