<Derot> is spooked after reading an entry which suggests the black opal is cursed and is guarded by a vicious creature. However, he thinks Lidun will still be interested and tells you to speak to her about the treasure.

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  • Deliver the Pirate's Journal to <Lidun>.

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Simply bring the journal Derot gives you to Lidun.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"I've been readin' this journal you brought me, and I ain't even sure I want this Black Opal anymore. Look here...this entry talks about the crews that went after the thing before.
"...we found another man yesterday along the route. His body had been mutilated and savaged by something ferocious. The others are starting to whisper about a huge beast that protects the treasure..." I ain't no coward, but the whole thing is givin' me the creeps."
1 "I went out there for nothing?"
"Don't be like that! We got this lovely diary, didn't we?
Heh, just kiddin'. I ain't givin' up entirely. I'm just sayin' this is one of those jobs I'd be happy to delegate, if you take my meanin'.
Lidun, for instance: she's always had an interest in treasure. In fact, I've heard her mention the Black Opal itself."
1 "What are you getting at?"
"Just this: if the journal speaks true, we'll be safe and Lidun will have a big...whatever...chasin' after her. And if it turns out to be a load of tripe, then we get rich, and Lidun gets to stay in one piece! Win-win, right?
How about it, then? Will you speak to Lidun?"

Accept Edit

"There's a good [Player Class]! Now take the journal over to Lidun and make it clear that I'm givin' her this job out of the kindness of my heart. Tell her I'm busy, or somethin'.
Oh, and make sure she doesn't read that entry!"
X "Yeah, yeah."

Decline Edit

"Oh, what is it now? Your conscience get the better of you?
Listen pal, I ain't one to beat about the bush. A job's a job, and in this line of work you have to get dirty now and then. It ain't pretty, but if you think Lidun wouldn't do the same to you if she got the chance, think again."
X "Fair enough. I'll talk to her."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"It's [Player Name], isn't it?
I hear you've been doing some fancy jobs for the boss. That's a pretty good way to make a name for yourself. Pretty good way to end up dead, too, if you aren't careful. What can I do for you?"
1 "Derot said to give you this--"
(Lidun snatches the journal from your hands, flipping through the pages.)
"Oh wow! A black opal, eh? Smells like money to me--but why would Derot pass something like that....
"Oh! Haha! There we go, it's supposedly cursed. Fortunately, not everyone around here is frightened by folk tales. In fact, stories like these only spur me on! Just imagine the name I'd make for myself if were I to capture the legendary black opal!"

Summary Edit

Feeling uneasy about the curse of Black Opal, Derot suggested you hand over the journal to Lidun and agree on equal shares if she finds the treasure.

At Derot's request, you handed the Pirate's Journal to Lidun.

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