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Order: Find the ancient treasure that Derot has been searching for.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Talk with <Derot>.
  • Knock on Tombstones and kill the ghosts who appear. After you've found the right grave, bring the treasure to Derot.
<A Charmed Cube> (0/1)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Derot to receive quest. Knock on Tombstones, by clicking on them, and kill the ghosts who appear. After you have found the right grave, bring the treasure to Derot. Then speak with Munin who is north of the prison camp. Kill 3 Grave Sparkles in the area, and return to Munin. Finally, return to Derot to receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Time for another job...on home turf for you: the Ishalgen Prison Camp.
It's not just a place to poach trinkets, you know. Buried deep underground is a thing they called the Charmed Cube.
This cube is a prize in itself, but its also brimming with all manner of treasure. It's just sitting there, waiting to be claimed..."
1 "Then why don't you dig it up?"
"I'm getting to that. The cube is guarded by somethin' that apparently wants to keep it.
Whenever any of us get near the grave, the owner's spirit appears and fights us off. There's not much left of him, but he still knows how to handle himself.
But you're made of stern stuff, [Player Name]. Bring back that cube, and you'll be rich beyond your wildest dreams."
1 "I'm in. Which grave?"
"Ah, that's the tricky part. Head to the cemetery inside the Ishalgen Prison Camp and knock on the tombstones there. Each time you knock on a tombstone, you'll see a spirit appear. An angry spirit, if you take my meaning.
Thing is, it's been a while since any of us tried takin' the cube. None of us remember which tomb actually holds the Charmed Cube.
You just need to knock on the tombstones until you find the right grave, then steal the Charmed Cube and bring it back to me."
1 "Thanks."

Intermediate DialogueEdit

"Back so soon? How was your visit to the graveyard? See any spectral spooks, or was the whole place a bit lifeless?
Heh. Been waitin' ages to say that.
Seriously, though...have you got the Charmed Cube?"
1 "Funny, Derot. How's this?"
"It looks like the cube, it feels like the even smells like the cube. This is definitely the Charmed Cube. You've done yourself proud, [Player Name].
Hmm. Not so much as an opening in sight. There must be a way in...
Stupid thing"
1 "What's wrong?"
"What do you think is wrong?! The blasted thing won't open!
Typical. We spend years trying to get hold of the famous Charmed Cube, and now I can't get to what's inside. Maybe the rumors were true."
1 "What rumors?"
"Old folks tales say that only Daevas can open a Charmed Cube. And they ain't gonna help a group of thugs like us, are they...
...except for Munin! He was a real hero among the Daevas, but some time ago somethin' happened between him and the Shedim Lords. Now he spends his days imprisoned in a crystal cell...a cell right here in Ishalgen.
What you need to do, [Player Name], is approach Munin and persuade him to help us. Remember, he can't touch you from inside his cell. But he might try to frighten you."
1 "I'll give it a try."
"So, it was you causing the commotion down in the graveyard. Not many people brave--or stupid--enough to enter this prison, and with good reason. Good reason!
I am Munin. You, [Player Name] are a thief. Answer me this: Why should I help you... someone who steals from the dead and bears an ancient device you cannot begin to comprehend?"
1 "You know about the cube?"
"I am a Daeva. I see things you cannot--all manner of things.
Still, you have a flicker of potential--just potential, mind you!--unlike the raiders you associate with. So I offer you a test.
Head back into the graveyard and kill Grave Sparkles until their scratching...their incessant scratching dies down."
" [Player Name].
You're back, and unless my eyes deceive me, you're still alive...alive! Have you completed my little task?
1 " I have. Now open the cube."
Know, [Player Name], that you angered the spirits when you acquired the cube. Turn away from your greed, and the spirits might--might!--forgive you in time.
That cube of yours--it is open. Now go! Leave me, so I can return to my meditation."
1 "Thank you."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Took your time, {Player Name].
I've had a few of the bosses from camp snoopin' around while you were gone.
So, did Munin open the Charmed Cube for us, or what?"
1 " have a look."
"We'll be rich!
What do we have here then? Oof...gems, trinkets...even a couple of Daeva blades! I can't hide this from the boss; its much bigger than I thought. Before I tell <Ulgorn>, though, I figure we should reward ourselves first. It's a commission, right?
This is for you, [Player Name]. You did well."


You knocked on the tombstones in the graveyard as Derot ordered, causing an ancient ghost to appear. You killed the ghost and recovered the Charmed Cube from its body.

However, you could not open the cube and were forced to ask Munin for help. He promised to open it if you killed a few Sparkles for him.

You did as Munin asked. As promised, he opened the cube, which was full of precious treasures. Derot, not wishing to anger Ulgorn, decided to report the treasure to the boss.

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