Deliver Agamo's letter to <Fjuedil>.

Note: This quest is only available after choosing wealth in the Tango quest icon <Song of Blessing> [10] quest.

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Objectives Edit

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Walkthrough Edit

Speak with <Agamo>. Travel to the Airship dock and speak with Fjuedil to update quest. Now speak with Kamorunerk also located at the dock. Travel down to Crandale District by the Temple of Knowledge and speak with Jeckrow to finish quest and receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"That song of blessing is no parlor trick, [Player Name]. Your wealth has been blessed by the Shedim Lords themselves. You'll never have trouble buying a meal--or anything else--again.
Which reminds me, where did that Fjuedil get to?.."
1 "Fjuedil?"
"I loaned him some money. He looked absolutely desperate.
It's been days, and I've not heard anything from him. He'd better not have drunk it up in the Apellbine.
It's not as if I've got Kinah to burn. If I write a letter to Fjuedil, will you deliver it for me? I'd do it myself, but I'm still exhausted."

Accept Edit

"I knew I could rely on you.
Fjuedil's a good man. He wouldn't go back on his word unless something happened to him, but I need that money!
He can usually be found at the Airship Dock. Take this letter, and please, hurry!"
X "I'll find Fjuedil."

Decline Edit

"So, you're going to leave now that I've sung your song of blessing? One good turn deserves...absolutely nothing, apparently!
It's best I learn now what kind of Asmodian you are. If you're ever in need of help, ask someone else."
X "I'm sorry. I'll be back."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Cargo? Cargo? Do you have any cargo?! The airship's a bit big for one letter, don't you think?
Come on, I haven't got all day. If it's a smaller package you'd be better off with Shugo Express Mail."
1 "This letter's for you."
"Agamo--I knew it! It's been on my mind constantly. But...what can I do? It's Kamorunerk of the Kuairirk Traders--he didn't pay for his latest shipment.
Since Agamo sent you, perhaps you should go and find Kamorunerk yourself. I can't desert my post. I'm sure you can convince him to pay off his debt."
1 "I'll go have a chat with him."
"Not good, this is not good! No Kinah, no cargo--no cargo, no Kinah! Times are hard, Daeva. It's not easy making a living.
I hope you're here to make a donation. To the...Shugo Business Fund?"
1 "Fjuedil needs your money."
"Knew it! I knew this day would come! Just when I have no money at all, Fjuedil needs payment!
Daeva thinks Kamorunerk wants to owe money? How can a Shugo survive without trade? And how can a Shugo trade with bad reputation?! But when a deal goes bad, Kinah goes with it."
1 "What kind of bad deal?"
"Jeckrow tells Kamorunerk he needs Odella Liquor--has a pile of Kinah just waiting for someone who can supply him.
Kamorunerk doesn't usually deal in Odella Liquor. Drink and Kinah make a bad cocktail, but the Kinah was so so good! Kamorunerk ask Jeckrow for the Kinah two, three...ten times! He always says "No, no. Come back later."
So when is later? Please, go to the Apellbine Tavern and find Jeckrow. Make him pay!"
1 "Looks like I'm everyone's enforcer today."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Ah, I can see you're a Daeva of taste.
Your luck's in, my friend! I've just got a fresh shipment of vintage Odella Liquor. 'Course, you'll have to pay top Kinah for it, but it'll be worth it. Trust me."
1 "You owe Kamorunerk some money...."
"These Shugos are more trouble than they're worth! I ordered ten bottles of Odella Liquor--bottles! What does Kamorunerk bring me? Ten CASKS!
I took them, against my better judgment. But it's a lot of money to pay in one go. That's why I'm so desperate to sell the liquor.
Look, tell him he'll get his money. I'll just have to borrow it."

Summary Edit

Agamo said that Fjuedil owed him money, but he couldn't collect it in person as he was exhausted from singing the song of blessing.

You delivered his letter to Fjuedil, who told you that he couldn't pay Agamo because Kamorunerk had not given him the money for a recent shipment. You went to meet Kamorunerk, who said that he had not received payment for some Odella Liquor from Jeckrow.

You went to the Apellbine to meet Jeckrow, and he promised to borrow the money he owed from somewhere so that he could pay off his debt.

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