Talk to Pernos. He would like to introduce you to someone.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 6,250 XP

Optional Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Pernos to begin quest. You will now arrive in the capital city Sanctum. Locate Leah and talk with her. Talk with Jucleas to begin the ceremony located in the Lyceum. Meet with one of the 4 class preceptors, you have now become a Daeva and receive your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"These are dark times, [Player Name]. The Asmodian scourge draws closer every passing day. Our way of life is under constant threat.
It seems you remember defending Elysea, even if not consciously. I believe you are ready to help us again.
You have begun your ascension, but you must go to Sanctum to receive your blessing and complete the process. Only then can you call yourself one of the ascended few."
1 "I understand."
"Then go now to Sanctum and seek out Leah.
Do not be surprised by her appearance; she ascended when she was very young and is more powerful than she appears. I have a feeling you two will help each other a great deal over the coming months.
For now, make her acquaintance and tell her I sent you."
1 "Where did you say I'd find her?"
"Sanctum. Let me guess, you don't remember how to got there.
Don't worry, I'll send you this time. Are you ready to depart, or do you have business to attend to first?"
1 "I still have a few things to do here."
"I see.
Attend to your duties, then. I'm sure Poeta will appreciate you finishing your current tasks.
When you are ready to travel to Sanctum, speak with Daines in Akarios Village.
In Ariel's light, Daeva."
X "In Ariel's light, Pernos."
2 "I'm ready to depart."
"Close your eyes.
When you open them you'll be in Sanctum.
Remember, speak to Leah."
1 "Close your eyes."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Ah, [Player Name].
I've been waiting for you. Pernos sent word you were coming.I hope you didn't find him overly harsh."
1 "No, he was quite helpful."
"For that, I am glad. Pernos has a habit of upsetting people, though he doesn't mean to.
Ah, but where are my manners! I am Leah, one of the ascended few, the ranks of which you have only recently joined. Or perhaps...rejoined?
I would give you a tour, but others are waiting for you, and I would hate to be the cause of your delay. Meet Jucleas for your formal ceremony. He's expecting you in the Lyceum."
1 "Thank you for your hospitality."
"Welcome, [Player Name], to the Lyceum, and to our great capital city!
May I convey, on behalf of the Guardians of Elysea, our sincerest and most heartfelt congratulations on your ascension."
1 "Thank you."
"I've read about your actions in Poeta--about your courage and dedication to the light. I have no doubt you will make a fine addition to our ranks.
Everyone has gathered to celebrate the birth of our new Daeva. You need only accept their congratulations and their gifts.
[Player Name]--may the blessings and the grace of the Seraphim Lords always be with you. Faith and arms!"
1 "Faith and arms!"

Reward Dialogue Edit

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on your ascension. I'm sure you will be a rock on which the people of Elysea can lean in times of trouble.
The Seraphim Lords have blessed you with a gift that can save the lives of millions in years to come--you must always honor your duties as one of the chosen few."
1 "I understand."
"Yes, I believe you do. There is dedication and strength within you, [Player Name], that much I can tell already.
We have prepared a gift for you--a weapon to aid you in your defense of Elysea against the forces that would destroy us were they given a chance.
Choose whichever weapon you prefer, my friend."

Summary Edit

After your ascension, Pernos sent you to Sanctum to meet Leah.

She told you there were others waiting to perform a blessing ceremony for you.

Under Leah's guidance, you met Jucleas, performed the Daeva ceremony, and received a special gift.

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