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Munin wants to introduce you to someone based in Pandaemonium.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]

Optional Reward[]

Choice of a class-specific weapon


Talk with Munin to obtain quest. Munin will transport you to Pandemonium where you meet Heimdall and appear before Balder. Once done talk with your new skill trainer and receive a new weapon.


Initial Dialogue[]

"[Player Name], time is flying, flying away! The dreamers and the schemers of Pandaemonium seek you for ascension. It's time for your ceremony.
Once they have honored you, you can climb through their ranks. Climb as high as you dare!
Answer me this: what do you know of the Archons?"
1.png "Very little."
"Then take heed! In Daeva society, they are the mighty...Asmodae's best. The Archons will test you as a new Daeva, and their tests are often so subtle you might not even notice.
The Archons will tempt you with power, but resist! Resist! Keep a low profile at first, and meddle not in the games of the Archons. Leap too soon and you'll fall too far.
But not all of Pandaemonium is schemes and deceit. I know a guide you can trust."
1.png "What sort of guide?"
"Now that you're a Daeva, you must learn to let go. Let go! The Humans you know will live their lives, grow old, and die. But not you--you will forever be a winged Daeva.
The guide, Heimdall, can help you leave Human travails behind and teach you all that a Daeva's life entails.
If you're ready to begin, I can teleport you within Pandaemonium's walls. Or, if you have some final farewells, you can return to the Humans, then teleport from <Osmar'sOsmar> place in Aldelle".
1.png "I'll see Osmar when I'm ready." (stay)
"Then say your goodbyes--goodbye to them and to me.
I wish you the best in Pandaemonium. The Shedim Lords put me in this crystal cell, but I have friends in countless places. Many faces will look kindly upon you, [Player Name].
Blood for blood, friend."
X.png "Blood for blood, Munin."
2.png "I'm ready. Nothing remains for me here." (teleport)
"Excellent! You can return to Ishalgen whenever you please. Just use the teleporters scattered across Asmodae and beyond.
Now though, you need only kneel and close your eyes. Close your eyes! When you open them, you will be standing among the walls and halls of the capital city.
Azphelumbra, [Player Name]--and blood for blood."
1.png "Blood for blood!"

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"Azphelumbra, [Player Name]! Welcome to Pandaemonium.
I am Heimdall, and I have been waiting for you..."
1.png "Not waiting long, I hope?"


How did you get in here?!"
"Relax. Everyone, put your swords away.
Is this how you greet a Daeva?"
"Our guards can get ahead of themselves.
Munin told me you were coming.
Let me welcome you to Pandaemonium."
"You stand now within the walls of our great city: Pandaemonium. For obvious reasons, Munin cannot be here himself. So he asked that I guide you through your first steps here and ensure you are prepared for what lies ahead.
You must start this new life of yours with a brief ceremony. Go to the Great Temple and speak with High Priest Balder. He will be expecting you.
Hurry, [Player Name]. It is unwise to keep Balder waiting. You'll find the temple along the right hand slope, below the bridge."
1.png "On my way, Heimdall."
"Azphelumbra, [Player Name]. I am Balder, high priest of Pandaemonium.
If you are ready, the ceremony can begin apace."
1.png "I am."


"Wait, this is the new Daeva?
This "Daeva" used to be one of Ulgorn's Raiders!"
"This had got to be a joke!
An ex-raider becoming a Daeva?"
"Show the proof of your divinity for all to see!
In the name of Azphel, I recognize you as a Daeva!
Young Daeva, you will now be trusted with protecting Asmodae and securing victory once and for all."
"People of Pandaemonium! Archons of Asmodae! Heed my words!
[Player Name], you have demonstrated flawless courage, tenacity, and honor, proving to us all that you have indeed been chose for ascension. Now, as we recognize your new status, we remind you of your sole duty: that you give your all for the Asmodian people, striving to rid Atreia of those who seek to harm us.
Now rise, [Player Name]. Stand among your new family as a Daeva!"
1.png "Blood for blood!"

Reward Dialogue[]

Kalsten (Warrior)
"My warmest congratulations, [Player Name].
I have heard of your skills, and I have heard of your...background. Your past as a raider doesn't offend me, of course, but not everyone in this great city is a broad-minded. The supplies from Asmodae's raiders help feed out people, true, but that doesn't mean everyone wants a raider at their supper table.
Ignore these whispers if you hear them, for they will fade in time. To me, the fact that you were chosen for ascension proves your worth."
1.png "How broad-minded..."
"Ha! I see those rough edges of yours now. Most refreshing! Some here would sooner break their own spine than risk offending others. Or they'll smile to your face, them grimace to your back.
Now that the ceremony is over, I have a gift for you: a weapon to help you carry out your duties.
Choose whichever you wish...Daeva."
Thialfi (Scout)
"You would think Daevas would be happy to see others joining their ranks. Yet about you, some speak with sneers on their faces and derision in their voices.
This is yet another challenge you will have to face, [Player Name]. The Daevas here can be warm and friendly, but they are a tight-knit family--hard on outsiders.
But enough advice. I have a gift for you."
1.png "A gift?"
"Yes, a gift from the Priests and Lords of Pandaemonium.
This weapon symbolizes the pride the Shedim Lords have for you. It's a pride that will only grow in the coming years as you serve Asmodae.
Pick whichever you wish to use, but always remember this weapon is a mighty implement used in the defense of our lands and people."
Ve (Mage)
"Ah, [Player Name].
Much has been spoken about you since your ascension. Just between us, you have caused quite a stir among the other Daevas.
Some advice: You would do well to find friends who are also Daevas. They are your new family, after all.
It seems you will have to work harder than most to gain their trust, though. Your past as a raider is most...unusual, shall we say?"
1.png "I suppose so."
"Such attitudes are unfortunate, I know.
Now, some good news! I have a gift for you, a weapon. Treasure it and maintain it flawlessly, for it is a gift from the Shedim Lords themselves.
Choose whichever you wish, [Player Name]."


You became a Daeva and went to Pandaemonium, meeting Heimdall as Munin suggested.

Heimdall congratulated you on becoming a Daeva and hinted that he would help you in the future.

Heimdall introduced you to Balder. You performed the Daeva ceremony with Balder and received a gift from the Shedim Lords.