Hunt <Graybristle Brax> or <Lake Braxie> and bring their skins to Denma so that she can insulate her tent against the bitter cold.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Collect 8 Brax Skins and take them to <Denma>.
Skin <Brax Skin> (0/3)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to Denma to receive quest. Kill Greybristle Brax or Lake Braxie and obtain 3 Brax Skins. Return to Denma and receive reward. Because the Greybristle Brax are close, it is faster to kill them to complete the quest.

Dialogue Edit

Initial DialogueEdit

"So how are things back in Aldelle? <Ulgorn> and <Tobu> still ordering everyone around? I figured as much.
I was eager to get away--y'know, mix it up, get out of the rut. When Ulgorn wanted volunteers to come out here, I was halfway down the road before he was done with his speech."
1 "Good idea."
"Yeah, Anturoon suits me.
There's a lot less worrying about the quota than in Aldelle, and there are plenty of opportunities to make money on the side. You just speak to <Derot>, slide him a few Kinah, and he'll whisper in your ear. Just don't let <Mijou> hear you!
The only downside is the weather..."
1 "Too chilly over here?"
"Much too chilly--especially when we douse our campfire! And it's about time I did something about it. Think you can help me out?
I need some Brax Skins to properly insulate my tent. Brax have the thickest fur, so that should be the best.
I'll pay you well. What do you say?"


"Oh it will be easy. Hunt Graybristle Brax and Lake Braxie until you have three fur skins. :I'll be waiting for you."
X "All right, I'll be back soon."


I would have paid you well, [Player Class]. And you'd have done me a huge favor, but I suppose you have bigger jobs."
X "I will."

Reward DialogueEdit

"I've been waiting for you...
How did it go? Did you bring me enough Brax Skins?"
1 "Are these what you were after?"
"Yes, these are excellent. Soft on one side and smooth on the other - these are genuine Brax Skins, for sure.
I'll start working on these straight away. Hopefully I'll have a tent that keeps out the chill before my next shift is over, it's going to be tough working when I can't feel my fingers, though...
Thanks for your help, [Player Class]. Here's your money, as promised."


Denma complained about the freezing conditions and asked you to bring her Brax skins so that she could insulate her tent. You killed the Brax and brought their skins to her. She thanked you for helping and paid you well.

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