<Melampus> asked you to take <The Nymph in Folklore> to Namus, at the entrance of Daminu Forest.

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Talk to Melampus to obtain this quest. Deliver the book that you have obtained from Melampus to Namus. Namus is located in the Daminu Forest. Can be easily found by following the main road.

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"You must be [Player Name]. Hello. I was wondering if you could help me with something?
You would not know it to look at me, but my father works as a librarian in Sanctum. He's quite the learned man, and keeps sending me books from the Sanctum Library.
The think is, though--I'm not the fastest reader in the world, and I don't really get that much time between shifts to read."
1 "What exactly do you need?"
"I send most of the books back unread, but I do lend some out to my friends.
A few days ago, Namus asked me if I had any books about nymphs. Why a woodcutter would want such a book is beyond me, but I had to let him down, as I didn't have anything like that in my collection at the time."
1 "At the time?"
"Yes. You see, another shipment arrived from Sanctum today and among them was The Nymph in Folklore.
I'm not sure if it's exactly what Namus is looking for, but it's better than nothing.""
Would you take it to him for me? Since I'm on duty, I can't do it myself right now and by the time I am done he'll likely be sleeping."


"Great! Thanks, [Player Name].
Namus is usually in Daminu Forest, just keep to the path as you enter and you can't miss him.
Please tell him that if the book isn't quite right, I'll ask my father for something else."
X "No problem--you can count on me."


"Ah, no problem, really. I'll try to make some time tomorrow.
Namus is a forgetful soul at the best of times anyway. He's probably forgotten all about this nymph fascination of his!"
X "Probably. Take care, Melampus."

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What is it? These trees won't chop themselves, mercenary."
1 "I brought you a book from Melampus"
"The Nymph in Folklore, eh?
Why this...this is perfect!
Please, pass on my thanks to Melampus. I've been looking for a book like this for so long now!"


Namus wanted to borrow a book about nymphs from Melampus.

When Melampus found a book called "The Nymph In Folklore," he asked you to take it to Namus on his behalf. Namus was grateful to receive it.

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