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Get rid of the Spriggs as <Vandar> ordered.

Quest Information[]


  • Get rid of the <Sprigg Workers> who have recently started attacking the Ulgorn Raiders. (0/4)

Basic Reward[]


Talk with Vandar to receive quest. Kill 4 Sprigg Workers that are located all around Aldelle Hill. Return to Vandar and update quest with him to receive reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"You'll have seen the Sprigg Workers around here. They grew braver as Asmodae paid them less attention. They're pack creatures, so as their numbers swell, so does their confidence.
Just look around. The Spriggs ain't exactly shy now, are they?"
1.png "Not exactly."
"I want you to join the other raiders and take them down a few notches, [Player Name].
Their huts are already burning. Put some bodies on the ground.
That'll remind the Spriggs that they may live in Ishalgen, but we own it."


"Good. I knew you'd want to save face after passing out.
Go out into the basin and kill four Sprigg Workers. Return to me as soon as you're done."
X.png "Consider it done."


"You lazy coward!
We waited for you in these wretched conditions, even when the Asmodian Code tells us to leave stragglers behind! You have a chance to repay our kindness, but you slap us in the face?
Raiders work together, [Player Class]. That's what separates us from mere bandits."
X.png "I see."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Back so soon? You don't look hurt...
You finished the mission already?"'
1.png "I've slain the Spriggs."
"A bloody task done well. You've fully recovered from your collapse.
Here's your reward, [Player Name]. Take it.
And no more falling to the ground!"


Vandar was becoming frustrated with the increasingly aggressive Spriggs, and asked you to cut their numbers.

You got rid of Spriggs and, after reporting in to Vandar, received your reward.


  • Killing just the 4 Sprigg Workers for this quest will level you to level 2 before turning the quest in.