Olenja said she needs bait to draw out some Karnifs. While she makes the traps, hunt Togs and take their ribs to her.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Tog Rib> (0/6)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Kill Wild Togs along the road to Basfelt Village and loot 6 Tog Ribs. Return to Olenja with the bait to receive your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"You've really impressed us with your skills and compassion, [Player Name].
The Empyrean Lords blessed you with many gifts.
Are you busy? There's something else you can do for us."
1 "What is it you need?"
"The Karnifs are lying low for now, but it won't stay that way for long.
We must find a long-lasting solution, one that allows us to handle them without help.
So, I've come up with a trap...."
1 "A trap?"
"Yes, we'll just need some bait.
To draw them into the trap, we'll need a Wild Tog's rib. Karnifs are crazy about Wild Tog Meat.
Could you get some Tog Ribs for us Daeva? We can't leave to do it ourselves."

Accept Edit

"Great! We need at least 6 Tog Ribs to bait the traps.
You can find Wild Togs in the passage to Basfelt Village.
I'll reward you for your efforts, of course."
X "I'm on my way."

Decline Edit

"You've no need to be sorry, it's our job to do.
We're just spread too thin out here, it's frustrating.
Maybe <Commander SuthranSuthran> can send help, but I'm afraid to ask."
X "Good luck."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You're back just in time. <Loriniah> and I made the traps.
All we need now is the bait. Did you manage to get any?"
1 "Will this be enough?"
"These will be perfect. Just how the Karnifs like it!
Now the road should be safe. Thanks for your help.
Here is the reward I promised."

Summary Edit

Olenja planned to make traps to capture Karnifs. While she and her comrade made the traps, you hunted Togs and gave her their ribs so that she could use them for bait.

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