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Betoni asked you to persuade Bollvig to give up his revenge. Go to Heiron and talk with Bollvig.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]

  • Xp.gif 1,477,320 XP
  • Ap.gif 100 Abyss Points.png


Simply return to The Storm Circle and attempt to persuade Bollvig for Betoni. If you have a kisk setup from the start of this quest chain, you can travel to the Abyss and die to a guard to return to your kisk.


Initial Dialogue[]

"I can see that you don't share my concern. How could you, really? You're still alive.
Do you ever wonder why I'm here? Why some cannot pass into the flow of Aether? There are reasons, you see. When we hold on too tightly to something in life, it becomes our shackle after death.
If Bollvig cannot be persuaded to give up this hopeless task, then he will be chained here after death as surely as I am. He deserves so much more than this...everyone does."
1.png "He doesn't want your help, Betoni."
"He would if he understood. In any case, his desires are irrelevant in this. It is necessary.
There must be a way to ease his pain, but I am unable to travel like this...ah, that it should come to this!
[Player Name], would you help me once again? You[sic] kindness would never be forgotten."


"Thank you. I knew the Aether would not lie to me. Go back to Heiron and talk with Bollvig again.
Do whatever he asks you to do. If any act will free him, it's worth everything to make it come to pass."
X.png "The task is mine."


"But you must! How can you refuse me? I understand the way is difficult, but--
Ah, I forgot--you live yet. It is natural that you should value your own life above those of others.
Should you change your mind, though, I will be here. Waiting. It is all I can do."
X.png "Farewell."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Why are you here? Do you seek something for yourself, or did Betoni persuade you to come once more? My patience has limits, [Player Name].
1.png "Betoni hopes you can be persuaded."
"Betoni asked you to help me? Hah. If only he knew. Death holds no terror for me, [Player Name]. In fact, I welcome it.
I suppose he believes I will return to Asmodae if you aid me in killing a few Daevas. I won't. It will never be enough.
Still, I suppose I might accept some help regardless. Can't have you make the trip for nothing, after all."


Betoni said he could not let Bollvig become a wandering soul bearing a grudge. He asked you to go back, help him, and persuade him to return to Asmodae. You went to Heiron only to have Bollvig reject Betoni's help. He agreed to let you assist him in killing Daevas, however.

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