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Bollvig grew tired of the Reaper Squad stationed in front of Jeiaparan Village and asked you to kill them.

Quest Information[]


  • Eliminate Reaper Squad Scouts (0/7)
  • Report the result to <Bollvig>.

Basic Reward[]

  • Xp.gif 2,215,980 XP
  • Ap.gif 100 Abyss Points.png

Optional Reward[]

  • Manastone: HP +85 Manastone: HP +85
  • Manastone: MP +85 Manastone: MP +85
  • Manastone: Accuracy +25 Manastone: Accuracy +25
  • Manastone: Evasion +15 Manastone: Evasion +15


This quest of the quest line is the most difficult and usually requires a full group to complete. The Reaper Squad is only stationed at Jeiaparan Village, which is a flight location for the Elyos. They can easily see you assaulting their guards and assist. Your best bet is to taunt the Reapers and draw them to the far sides of the town in an attempt to stay off the enemies' radar. Once you kill the required 7, return to Bollvig to report your success.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Is there fire or ice in your veins? You'll need both to fulfill this promise--it's no small task you've agreed to. Daevas from all of Elysea come here to kill me.
You see, I've made a bit of a name for myself here. I am truly feared--the power of the Shedim Lords made flesh.
All who come against me fail. They fall in battle then rise again in my service, removed from the cycle of resurrection to spend eternity in the cold embrace of undeath."
1.png "You pull them from the flow of Aether?"
"Of course. They do not deserve to live, not after what they've done. There are some, though, who've drawn my particular attention.
The Reaper Squads give me some concern. While I can and will kill them all, there is something about them that gives me pause. They do not attack me, but rather watch my movements, gathering information and biding their time.
I assumed it was cowardice staying their hand, but now it seems a precursor to something else. If you want to help me, get rid of them."


"Excellent! Go to the Jeiaparan Village. You'll find Reaper Squads stationed there. Kill them all."
X.png "The task is mine."


" craven coward. Afraid to risk your life to keep your word? You would be afraid to fight your own shadow!
Are you the follower of Asmodae? Is this what out people have been reduced to? If it is true, then the Elyos have already won.
Were you not Asmodian, I would cut you down where you stand! The sight of you sickens me. Be gone, before I change my mind."
X.png "Fare well."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Ah, there you are. It's already been a productive day--see all the new recruits swelling my ranks of undead? Who could have guessed the Daevas of Elyos would be so anxious to join my army?
What of you? Did you act, or are you still steeling your courage against the task?"
1.png "They are dead."
"Hah! Well done, [Player Name]. It pleases me to see the blood on your hands, to know that your weapon rises and falls for Asmodae alone. I have great hope for the future now, having met you and seen what you are capable of. Blood for blood."


Bollvig noted that the Reaper Squad in front of the Jeiaparan Village did nothing but watch his movements. He requested you to kill them if you truly wished to aid him as you claimed.

In order to keep your word, you went to Jeiaparan Village and eliminated the Reaper Squad.

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