<Bollvig> said he had no intention of returning to Asmodae. Deliver his letter to Betoni.

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Bollvig still refuses to leave Heiron and return to Asmodae even after your help in wiping out the Reaper Squad. He gives you a letter to return to Betoni. Head back to Hoarfrost Fortress and give Betoni Bollvig's Letter.

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"Why are you still here? Does your heart not hunger for the blood of the Elyos as mine does?
Ah, I see. Your silence speaks volumes. You seek to know if I am sated on blood, not whether I could offer more. You are as stubborn as Betoni, aren't you?
Myanee...her memory cries out to me still, weeping the tears I no longer have."
1 "So you won't return?"
"I won't. There's nothing left for me there. My purpose is heart is here.
I do not expect, however, that Betoni will understand. He's as stubborn as the Shedim Lords themselves. It would doubtless be faster for me to persuade him--perhaps then he'd listen.
I'll give you a letter which you can deliver to Betoni. Tell him it's my final word on the subject. Will you do this?"

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"Very well. Bide a moment while I compose it....
Here. Tell Betoni that his regard for me is clear, but I will not be moved."
X "Blood for blood, Bollvig."

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"I came to Elysea seeking fame--instead I found love beyond words, and now I desire only blood and silence. How could I return to Asmodae and be at peace?"'
Tell Betoni I serve the Lords in my own way. Every Daeva I transform is one less to fight us. Every life I claim brings us one step closer to victory.
Tell him that I'm beyond persuasion. He risks the life of whomever he sends should he continue to press the matter. Thus have I spoken."
X "I will tell him."

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"[Player Name], you're back...alone. Bollvig isn't with you? Would nothing persuade him?"
1 "He bade me give you this."
" could one girl leave so much destruction in her wake? Alas, my friend....
This Myanee haunts him even beyond death, and he will not leave even her memory behind. In the face of such implacable determination, what can be done?
I must trust Aion to watch over him and keep him victorious. There is nothing more I can do. Thank you for seeing this through until the end, [Player Name]."

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Bollvig refused to ever return to Asmodae and asked you to deliver a letter to Betoni saying as much.

After reading the letter Betoni agreed to give up, finally convinced by Bollvig's words.

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