Go to Elysea, meet an Elim named Virdi, and ask him for help.

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Travel to Elysea either by way of a rift or the spy quest Tango quest icon <[Spy] Liquor that Makes You Vanish> [20]. Once there, travel to Manduri Forest and speak to Virdi. Virdi will give you <Virdi's Essence> and ask you to speak with Lodas. Travel towards Eracus Desert. Just passed the Putrid Mire you will find Lodas. Speak with Lodas to retrieve <Lodas's Essence>. Return with both essences to Nabaru.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"I Elim in the Eltnen region...of Elysea.
When Atreia was united...long ago...we kept in touch...through the power of Aether.
It's been...ages...but he would still be alive. Perhaps...he can help us."
1 "What's his name?"
"He is called Virdi. He lives in...Eiron Forest. The name...may have changed...since Atreia's cataclysm....
This blight...the slow death of my kind...may be stemmed...with Essence of Elim.
Would you go to him...and ask for help? Elysea is a long way..."

Accept Edit

"Go to Eltnen and meet Virdi.
He will tell you...who rules the forest.
And the ruler can provide...Essence of Elim."
X "The task is mine!"

Decline Edit

"Mere distance would keep you...from saving my kind?
I can't force you... to go to Elysea.
Cruel...cruel... On your head be it!"
X "Rest in Azphel's shadow."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"You are an...Asmodian Daeva.
It's been a long time...since I spoke with an Asmodian.
What brings you here?"
1 "Nabaru sent me..."
"Nabaru. It's good to hear...that name again. But it hurts me to learn...our Asmodian cousins are dying.
Though Eltnen, too, suffers...I can help.... Please accept this Essence...It's not much...but it will help.
Even as our forests disappear...Lodas still rules.... Find him in the Eiron Desert."
1 "Azphel protect you."
"What ails Asmodae...that a Daeva would travel so see me?"
1 "Asmodian Elim are dying..."
"Alas, all the...Elim of Atreia struggle.... The Cataclysm changed the world...into such a barren place.
I will give of my save the Elim in Asmodae.
Take it with you. With can save my Asmodian brethren."
1 "Thank you, Lodas."

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" came back.
You have Elysea?
Have you brought us hope?"
1 "Virdi and Lodas were generous..."
"These are indeed...the Essences of Lodas...the ruler of the forest, and Virdi.
"I can save the Elim...with these. They are...extremely precious.
Thank you very much."

Summary Edit

Nabaru said that he needed help from the Elim in Elysea.

You met Virdi in Elysea, he gave you his Essence and told you to meet Lodas, the ruler of the forest. You met Lodas and received his Essence, too. And then you delivered them to Nabaru.

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  • It is best to do this quest around level 28 when you have most of Morheim's spy quests. That way you have much better survivability and can complete the quest easily.

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