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Betoni is worried about <Bollvig> and wants to know what happened to him. Find Bollvig and determine his fate.

Quest Information[]


  • Speak with Epona.
  • Go to The Storm Circle in Heiron and talk with Nesteto.

Basic Reward[]

  • Xp.gif 1,477,320 XP
  • Ap.gif 100 Abyss Points.png


After getting the quest, go to Red Mane Cavern to speak with Epona. Use a rift in Beluslan to go to Heiron. Go to The Storm Circle and speak to Nesteto.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Daeva....Can you spare a moment to listen to me? My fate seems intertwined with yours and I am anxious for your aid. If there had been no Observatory, I would have returned to the flow of Aether after I vanished, appreciating the grace of the Shedim Lords.
I lived a long life, [Player Class]. There were many who were dear to me, almost all of whom have passed into the flow of Aether. I do not mourn them for I hope to join them one day. They were fine and brave, and it was my honor to have known them.
There is one, however, whom I cannot find. His spirit haunts my dreams and keeps me from my rest. I must know his fate."
1.png "Who is he?"
"His name was Bollvig and we ascended at the same time. His fighting prowess was unequalled[sic]--I learned a lot from him--and yet the shade of his soul was such that everyone wished to shelter in it. He had a bright future ahead and I was very fond of him.
His nature was not that of leader or follower, though. He was called to a different, lonelier path. He was always wandering, unable to stay long in one place."
1.png "What happened to him?"
"I don't know. I heard that he went to Elysea to prove his mettle in the bosom of our enemies, but I was never able to discover if he returned.
Now I am called to the flow of Aether, but without knowing his fate, I am doomed to remain here. Please, [Player Name], will you not help set me free?"


"Thank you, thank you. The Shedim Lords themselves would commend you.
The bits of news I've gleaned tell me that Bollvig went to Elysea, but I don't know where. Epona in the Red Mane Cavern may know the location, though.
She knew him as well. If she has a skill in this life, it's gathering up bits of knowledge and weaving them into a useful thread. Seek out Epona and discover what she knows."
X.png "Blood for blood."


"You fear to go to Elysea? I would not have thought it--you seem marked for great things. Still, our destinies and our choices do not always align.
I cannot force you. If you will not, eventually another will."
X.png "May the darkness grant you peace."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"Bah. This is such a dull place. I can't wait until I can get back into action! And so's enough to freeze the bits off a behemoth!
You didn't come here to listen to me stand around and whine, though. What do you need?"
1.png "Do you know where Bollvig is?"
"Bollvig? I don't...ah, yes. I remember now. I believe he's still in Elysea, come to that. At least, if he ever came back I've heard nothing about it.
He and a few others set off to Elysea once to make a name for himself, but most of them came back. There's been a rumor that he fell in love with some Elyos peasant and lost his mind, but who can say? Last I heard, he was occupying one side of Heiron in Elysea and leading a force of Undead.
They've dubbed his territory "The Storm Circle" or something suitably terrible like that. Elyos are so melodramatic. If you want to see for yourself, go to the Beluslan's Roof. There's a rift near the waterfall there that'll take you to The Storm Circle. Find an undead you can talk to and they should direct you to him."
1.png "My thanks, Epona."

Reward Dialogue[]

"You... you're talking to me? I'm a Graveknight. Humans never talk to me. Scream, yes. Tell me to die on their swords, certainly, but talk to me? I can't remember the last time I had a good conversation.
So, what can I do for you?"
1.png "I'm looking for Bollvig."
"Bollvig? You came to the right person. You might not believe it to look at me, but I'm actually fairly important around here. I'm one of Bollvig's advisers.
I'm sure I can arrange for you to speak with him."


Betoni wanted to know what had happened to his friend Bollvig. He sent you to Epona to start your inquiry.

With Epona's aid, you arrived at Heiron in Elysea and encountered a Graveknight named Nesteto, one of Bollvig's soldiers.


  • You can go through any rift for your level of character. The Beluslan's Roof rift is the closest exit to the Storm Circle. Alternatively, you can go through the Chaos Brambles rift or The Whispering Forest rift and still be able to reach The Storm Circle.

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